10 Celebrity Beauty Moments Of The Week

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To wear color or to not wear color? That is the question. This week, celebrities picked a side. On one hand, tonal makeup was pigmented with pinks, reds, and greens. On the other, we were met with the monotone ‘no-makeup makeup’ looks we’ve become accustomed to, categorized by gold and brown. Either or, this week’s more natural-looking hairstyles could easily pair with both.

Fantasia returned to the ‘60s with an influential glam of the ages at the Time 100 Gala, setting the night in metallic golden tones to pair with a black sequined cap. Meanwhile, Taraji P. Henson attended with her co-star. She wore an elegant green eyeshadow paired with a brown bob and custom Thom Browne set. Heating things up, Lori Harvey worked a rich red lip with cherry blush, while JT promoted her new (and viral) single in a pretty pink eye-lip-cheek trio.

In an experimental photo-op, supermodel Anok Yai sported a rough bowl cut, which was a standalone look against the curls of the week. For example, Iman Hammam sipped green juice with her humidified strands blowing in the wind, while Tina Kunakey pulled hers back for a tired mid-skincare pose.

Then, SZA gripped the doorway with detailed French tips, showing off the voluminous bounce of her curls. And speaking of stellar hair and nail combos, Queen Bey’s ‘Beyoncé blonde’ still reigned while she clung onto her Cowboy Carter float with stiletto claws.

Below, take a look at 10 celebrity beauty moments we double-tapped this week.

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