11 Women On Why They Broke Up With Their Hairdresser

That unprecedented time taught us so much, not least the importance of hair as a tool for self-expression. But this is nothing new; there is an abundance of research linking hair to confidence. A 2022 study carried out by insights agency Opinium concluded that “good hair days” boost self-esteem. Then there’s the utter minefield that Black women have to wade through. A 2023 study reported that facing hair discrimination prompts many Black women to style their hair against their natural preferences, exposing them to intense heat and various ingredients inside hair relaxers, for instance, which are often linked to negative side effects. Add to this the rise of “Instagram hairstylists” where bad customer service, last minute cancellations and excessive fees are common, and it’s no surprise that loyalties are being abandoned. The bottom line is that your hair holds social and cultural significance, and affects the way you feel. Anyone who’s had a “bad” cut or color will know that it can spring forth tears and shatter your self-esteem.

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