12 Black Owned Brands Redefining Quiet Luxury

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Despite the initial conversation of quiet luxury excluding Black consumers, our designers have opposed this notion with their work. In recent months, we saw a rise in simplicity, monotone and somewhat monotonous outfits, and even interior design being executed to signal one’s wealth. Simple jewelry, pulled back sleek hair, “soft life,” “clean girl aesthetic”—it all alluded to one thing that seemed impossible to achieve for Black people through other perspectives. 

Clearly, the discussion on opulence within the Black diaspora has been watered down to seem like it’s nonexistent if you’re not a celebrity. Butt, on the contrary, Blackness and wealth operate within the same realm often. Brands from Grace Wales Bonner Fear of God distinctly make clothing and accessories that embody quiet luxury. Jerry Lorenzo’s entrance to the fashion industry was always injected with a hint  of luxury products created with the utmost distinctions: high-value and high-quality materials. Celebrities are seen wearing these brands but so are people who are well to do with other means of income. Quiet luxury is no longer the hot topic it once was last year but, it surely made us think about what brands are still redefining the style of quiet luxury. 

That being said, we did a deep dive on the brands we feel are doing so. These labels and designers pride themselves on their craftsmanship, unique designs, and overall an opulent feeling being worn or carried. Keep scrolling to learn more about what brands are redefining quiet luxury.


Founded in 2017 by Ashley Leslie and Moya Annece, Ashya offers leather accessories for consumers who value travel and culture to integrate into their wardrobe.


Founded by Samuel Ross in 2015, the brand encompasses a range of elevated streetwear with commentary on societal issues such as disparities and youth culture within Britain. 

Brother Vellies

Founded by Aurora James in 2013, Brother Vellies is inspired by traditional African design techniques to infuse into luxury footwear. 

Bernard James

The fine jewelry brand, founded in 2010, focuses primarily on creating pieces imbued with intimacy and nostalgia. 

Bianca Saunders

The eponymous menswear brand, founded in 2017, teeters between tradition and breaking conformity of what is masculine and feminine through design. 

Connor McKnight

Founded in 2020, the namesake label’s ethos stems from McKnights upbringing in the Washington, D.C. area with workwear inspired clothing featuring luxurious textiles.

Fear of God 

Founded by Jerry Lorenzo in 2013, the brand Fear of God has expanded into a fashion house with ESSENTIALS and FOG Athletics underneath its umbrella. The brand’s offerings include luxury wear spanning athleisure to formalwear.  


Founded in 2016 by Jameel Mohammed, Khiry offers luxury jewelry that celebrates and is rooted in the Black diaspora. 

Sunni Sunni 

The conceptual footwear brand founded in 2020 by self-taught designer Sunni Dixon creates uniquely designed shoes rooted in Black culture.

Wales Bonner 

The British eponymous brand founded in 2014 stems from the designer’s interest in history throughout the Black diaspora as well as her Jamaican heritage.

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