3 Ways To Peacefully Breakup With Your Partner


Relationships are hard work. Even though you may have put effort into fostering and preserving a connection, sometimes it doesn’t work out. 

Romantic connections can blow up or simply end due to misalignment, a difference in values, or, in extreme cases, difficulty with family dynamics, betrayal, or infidelity. So, how do you know when you need to part ways with your significant other? A key indicator is whether you disagree on most topics often. Or simply that the spark is gone, you no longer want to engage in sex or do romantic things for each other; whatever the reason is, it’s best to reflect on the next step and seek a plan of action. 

At times, breaking up with a romantic partner can’t be peaceful, given the amount of resentment and vitriol that’s bottled up in the relationship; however, in most cases, parting ways can and should be respectful. According to Beverely Andre, a relationship expert, the beginning to breaking up peacefully is active and respectful communication. Check out her three tips below. 

Reflect on the decision: Before breaking up, it’s essential to ensure it’s what you want. Take some time for self-reflection and consider talking to a trusted confidante or therapist before making a decision that will impact someone else’s life. Having inner peace about this decision is a prerequisite for maintaining personal resolve.

Be clear in communication: When communicating your decision to end the relationship, it’s essential to be clear and direct. It should be abundantly clear that you’re breaking up with them and not just taking a ‘break.’ Confusion erodes peace. Communicate your decision privately, with the full respect and care that they deserve, while being direct with your feelings and clear about your expectations.

Exercise acceptance: It’s essential to realize and accept that you cannot control your ex-partner’s emotional response or the time it takes to process their feelings. It can be challenging to see someone heartbroken over decisions that you have made, but it’s unfair and inconsiderate to want them to rush past their emotions so that you can be comfortable.

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