5 Easy Ways To Declutter Your Closet For The Spring


Spring is in full effect, so you know what that means: out with the old, in with the new, and, most importantly, organizing spaces in your home.

Your closet may be one of the most difficult spaces to organize, declutter, and tidy. Filled with precious, valuable, and sentimental items, the closet can be filled with clothing, accessories, and shoes that may not serve you this season and add to your joy. But sometimes, tossing out those beloved items might not be easy, so getting them all organized is a great solution. 

But how? First, focus on efficiency. It’s important to move through your closet seamlessly without tripping over items, so the best way to do that is to clear the clutter lightly; next comes the easy storage hacks. As a second step, try not to get overwhelmed by the amount of organizing you may have to do. Remember to start small before tackling a larger organizational project; consider arranging your accessories before categorizing your shoes. 

Lastly, try to find the fun in organizing your closet, even though some may consider it mundane. It’s always good to usher new energy into a space, especially one that houses most of your prized possessions. To help you through this process, we put together several easy and surefire tips to declutter your closet for the spring.

Sort out your items: If your closet isn’t organized and divided into sections, start sorting them out. That way, it’ll be easier for you to determine what you’d like to keep or toss.

Focus on removing things you don’t love anymore. I know it may be difficult, but removing items that don’t bring the slightest joy is important so you can add new ones that align with your current state in life. 

Storage, storage, storage! Rely heavily on storage to organize your items and declutter them. You should incorporate shoe organizers, jewelry boxes, sunglasses holders, and sweater bins to make your life easier and less messy! 

Incorporate uniformity: Even if you’re not the biggest fan of wire hangers (we get it), use the same type of hanger, as your closet will look larger and more organized. 

Leverage every aspect of your space: Any nook and cranny you see can be organzied, but start using the back of your door as storage for shoes or your shelves to store a few extra sweaters and shirts. 

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