6 Best Shampoos For Gray Hair

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If one thing’s for sure, age is not a barrier to looking great with gray hair. You can certainly make a strong statement with different shades of gray and silver. And whether you’re beginning to embrace your grays for the first time or you’ve long been rocking them, it is still important to note that, as you age, your hair will naturally go through a transition, too. This is where shampoos for gray hair come in handy, as they rejuvenate and nourish your strands, keeping them healthy.

Clayton Hawkins, a celebrity hair stylist, spoke with ESSENCE on the subject, reminding us that, “hydrating purple shampoos are ideal for gray hair.” Additionally, he notes that, “purple pigments counteract unwanted tones and combat brassiness.” In other words, these magical shampoos are known for “turning yellowish gray hair into silver fox vibes.”

For anyone who’s looking for gray-friendly shampoos, Hawkins recommends that his clients “look for simple ingredients,” he says. That means, “try to avoid things like silicone, sulfates and parabens.” He also recommends a deeply moisturizing shampoo and conditioner for your gray hair. While looking at simple ingredients is beneficial for shampoos, he says that you should also consider looking at shampoos that contain Biotin Complex, which is known to add more moisture to your locks.

So if you’re ready to swap out your old shampoo, which was possibly stripping hair and making it dryer, or perhaps wasn’t protecting your silver strands from yellowing or becoming brassy, we’ve got you covered. Below, you’ll find the best shampoos to keep your gray hair healthy, shiny, and properly cleansed.

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