7 Elevated Summer Outfits With Leggings Fashion People Will Wear For the Season Ahead

Historically, leggings have been something of an overlooked fashion item. The figure-hugging pants were long seen as only appropriate for gyms, or for teens who were styling them after school with Ugg boots and oversized sweatshirts. But over the past year, our editors have started to notice more and more of our favourite tastemakers taking full advantage of the sleek silhouette leggings provide. And now, they’re a bonafide fashion essential.

For the minimalist, the legging is a dream item. It’s a near-invisible piece that lends itself well to layering, with a more streamlined silhouette than the now-maligned skinny jean can ever provide. And thanks to this, the legging can be styled for almost any occassion—whether you’re running weekend errands, dressing for evening drinks or heading to the gym.

As we head into the warm months (finally), the legging options seem to extend. Yes, you can still wear your full length black pairs, making them evening-appropriate with a blazer and strappy heels, but you can also explore more cropped options. Consider embracing the 90s-revival with capri pant-style three quarter length leggings, or go full Hailey Bieber with a cycling shorts set, Dad sneaker and oversized sweatshirt casually thrown over your shoulders. Cool sunglasses are, of course, a must.

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