A Grieving Wisconsin Community Remembers Sade Robinson, A 19-Year-Old College Student Murdered And Dismembered After A First Date

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Family, friends and members of the community gathered on Friday night at Kilbourn Reservoir Park in Milwaukee to remember and honor Sade Carleena Robinson.

The 19-year-old college student was murdered and dismembered after she went on a first date with a man earlier this month.  

“I’m still grieving tremendously,” Robinson’s mother, Sheena Scarbrough, said, according to The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.”This is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to deal with in my entire life.”

According to prosecutors, Scarbrough’s daughter, went on a first date with Maxwell Anderson, a 33-year-old bartender in Milwaukee on April 1. Robinson was reported missing the next day and a dismembered body part was found in a park. Since then, other body parts believed to belong to Robinson have been discovered in Milwaukee County.

Human remains found on the shores of Lake Michigan as recently as Thursday are believed to be those of Robinson. A person found a torso and an arm on a remote stretch of tree-lined beach of Lake Michigan, the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement per NBC News.

Although it has not yet been forensically confirmed, investigators are confident the remains are those “of Sade Robinson, 19, [who] MSCO investigators believe was murdered by Maxwell Anderson” earlier this month.

Several body parts have been discovered since April 2, including a severed right leg found in Warnimont Park. This leg has been identified as Robinson’s based on preliminary findings, according to a criminal complaint filed as reported by NBC News.

“Unidentified remains were discovered April 5, 6 and 7 in one area of Milwaukee, city police said.” According to the complaint, ” a human foot found on April 6 adjacent to train tracks appeared to be that of the same person as the right leg.”

“This is traumatizing to see. I never expected this to pull up on my front door,” Scarbrough, told Nancy Grace on her talk show “Crime Stories with Nancy Grace.” 

“This isn’t normal. This is a 2024 Jeffrey Dahmer,” Scarbrough said referring to the fact taht body parts believed to Robinson’s keep turning up across Milwaukee County.

“The last time I spoke to my daughter was on Easter Sunday. We seen her, she came by my parent’s home, we spent the Sunday together,” 

Scarbrough said that the last time she saw and spoke to her daughter was on Easter Sunday, March 31. Robinson was reported missing the next day, on April 1st the evening that she went on a date with Anderson and was killed.

“Sade was a beautiful soul. She was an amazing girl. I couldn’t have asked for any better daughter. There was things my daughter did that many adults were not even able to accomplish in their lifetimes,” Scarbrough said. 

Robinson was supposed to graduate with her associate’s degree in criminal justice next month.

“This has caused so much emotional effect to my family, and my parents who love my baby so much, her grandparents, her uncle, her aunties, the community. Everyone has pulled up. This has affected many people in Milwaukee,” Scarbrough said. 

To help the family deal with this tragedy, a friend of Scarbrough started a GoFundMe fundraiser for Robinson’s funeral, which is tentatively scheduled for May 9, according to the page.

“It’s hard for Sade to rest in peace, when we are literally searching for her remains,” Brown said at the community vigil.

Anderson was arrested and remains at the Milwaukee County Jail with bail set at $5 million, according to NBC News. A hearing is scheduled for Monday.

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