A Look Inside Sir John’s Met Gala After-Party

Sir John

In the wake of the grandeur that is the annual Met Gala, the fashion world holds its breath, waiting for the after-party that promises to be as awe-inspiring as the event itself. This year, the spotlight fell on Sir John, the maestro behind Beyoncé’s iconic looks, who transformed GOSPEL NYC into a haven of beauty, creativity, and pure celebration. Produced by That Good and accompanied by the soulful beats of Grammy Award-winning producer Nineteen85, the night was destined to be unforgettable.

As the echoes of the Met Gala’s enchantment reverberated through the streets of New York City, the pressure was on to create a soirée that could match the splendor of the main event. Sir John, renowned not only for his unparalleled talent but also for his warm and vibrant spirit, welcomed a coterie of the industry’s finest. Among the luminaries gracing the event were Law Roach, the visionary stylist behind Zendaya’s show-stopping ensembles, and the dynamic duo Wayman and Micah, whose red carpet creations consistently defy convention and captivate audiences worldwide. Also in attendance were Brooke Devard, the creative force behind The Naked Beauty Podcast, and Ehlie Luna, the boundary-pushing makeup artist known for her innovative and daring looks.

The theme of the night? An ode to beauty in all its forms. Inspired by the Met Gala’s homage to “Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion,” Sir John’s soirée embraced the ethereal and the ephemeral, celebrating the transformative power of makeup and the artistry behind every brushstroke.

Against the backdrop of GOSPEL NYC’s chic and intimate ambiance, guests were transported to a realm where imagination knows no bounds and creativity reigns supreme. Just as the Met Gala’s thematic structure was organized into three main “zones” inspired by the natural world, Sir John’s party invited guests to explore a universe of beauty, innovation, and self-expression. From the earthly delights of sculpted cheekbones and smoky eyes to the aquatic allure of iridescent highlights and shimmering glosses, every corner of GOSPEL NYC pulsated with the energy of possibility and the promise of transformation.

But beyond the glitz and glamour, Sir John’s soirée was a testament to the power of community and collaboration. In an industry often marked by competition and exclusivity, the makeup artist and brand creative director fostered an atmosphere of camaraderie and mutual support. Beauty moguls mingled with rising stars, sharing insights, inspiration, and a genuine appreciation for the craft that unites them.

As the night unfolded, fueled by the infectious beats of Nineteen85 and the effervescent chatter of kindred spirits, it became clear that Sir John’s soirée was more than just a party—it was a celebration of beauty as a force for connection, creativity, and empowerment. In a world that often seeks to confine and define us, GOSPEL NYC was a sanctuary where individuality was celebrated, and every face told a story waiting to be told.

As the clock struck five in the morning, echoes of laughter and applause faded into the night. Guests departed GOSPEL NYC with hearts full and spirits lifted. In the hallowed halls of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, fashion may have reawakened, but at Sir John’s soirée, beauty transcended mere adornment, reminding us all that in a world hungry for spectacle, the truest magic lies in the transformative power of self-expression.

Here are some images that capture the essence of the night.

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