A Nordstrom Stylist Says These 7 Items Will Never Feel Dated

For some fashion people, classic pieces are the most-worn staples in a wardrobe. And yes, this is particularly true for Sandy Koszarek, the mastermind behind Stylish Sandy. She worked as a VIP stylist at Nordstrom and spent years helping clients curate their wardrobes. While she suggested the latest trends to her clients (and certainly wore and continues to wear them herself), it was often the anti-trend finds that were the front-runners because of their versatility.

In reference to Koszarek’s personal wardrobe, she has a selection of items (also favorites of her clients) that she’s turned to repeatedly for years because they feel modern yet timeless with their more classic silhouettes. The pieces in question always feel relevant to her given that they’re not overly trendy.

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