A Week In San Francisco On A $310,000 Salary

Occupation: Registered nurse
Industry: Healthcare, intensive care
Age: 40
Location: San Francisco
Salary: Rather than earning a salary, I have a base rate of $114/hour. I work in a dynamic ICU that can be difficult to staff, so there are a lot of overtime and call shifts (both of which are entirely voluntary), for which I make time and a half. On the occasions I work 16-hour shifts (the maximum in California), hours 12 to 16 are double time. Last year I earned $310,000.
Assets: $135,000 in savings; $210,000 in a 403(b); $12,000 in an IRA; $15,500 in an investment account; and $18,500 is being held in escrow for a condo I’m trying to buy.
Debt: $18,300 for student loans from grad school.
Paycheck Amount (bimonthly): $6,000
Pronouns: She/her

Monthly Expenses
Monthly Housing Costs: $2,150 for a pretty decent-sized studio with garage parking included.
Monthly Loan Payments: $500 (student loans, paying double the minimum)
All Other Monthly Expenses:
Internet & Phone: $135
Electric: about $15
Health Insurance: $546 (about 90% of this is reimbursed)
Netflix: $12.99 (shared with my mom)
Max: $15.99
NYT: $12.9
Washington Post: $4
Spotify Family: $16.99 (shared with my mom)
Car Insurance: This varies according to how much I drive, but usually about $55.
403(b): I contribute 30% of my check pre-tax until it maxes out (I think it’s $23,000 this year), which happened around mid March this year.
Vanguard Account: $1,000 automatically invested
Traditional IRA: $300 (I’ll roll this into a Roth at some point.)
Amex Platinum: $695 (annually)
Chase Sapphire Reserve: $550. I’m thinking of changing this to the Preferred because the fees are high and there is a lot of redundancy with my Amex when it comes to benefits (I put everything except rent on my credit cards and pay off the balances in full every month).

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