After A Private Breakfast With Simmi Muhumuza Pinterest Has Launched A Size-Inclusive Feature


Pinterest has just launched a new tool that will change the way users search through images on the platform called “body type ranges.” The tool allows users to self-select what body types come up in their search for women’s fashion and wedding ideas. This is a step in the right direction for the app and its users as it creates a true sense of inclusivity.

Pinterest Has Launched A New Innovative, Size-Inclusive Feature

The app prides itself in always thinking of inclusion. The body type tool will have four body type ranges to choose from when searching for customized results. It’s part of a larger effort toward AI-powered technology that is “additive rather than addictive,” according to a statement by the company. The new tool is powered by Pinterest’s patent-pending “body type technology,” which uses shape, size, and form to identify different body types with over 3.5 billion images on the app. 

“Pinterest is a visual discovery platform and we want users to be able to see themselves reflected in their search results,” said Chief Product Officer at Pinterest, Sabrina Ellis, in a statement. “We have already seen that people who use body type ranges had a 66% higher engagement rate per session on Pinterest than those who haven’t used the tool,” Ellis added. 

In partnership with the “body type ranges” launch, Pinterest has featured an array of size-inclusive brands to shop on the platform such as Eloquii, Mara Hoffman, Osei Duro, GIA/irl, and more. The platform also hosted an exclusive breakfast event in New York in celebration of the new tool with influencer Simi Muhumuza as a speaker. The event was held at the Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn. Muhumuza was accompanied by model and influencer Tess Holiday as the two discussed finding joy in fashion regardless of one’s size. 

Pinterest already has the skin tone and hair pattern feature on its platform, so including sizes was the natural step in the right path. This new feature has already seen great results in user interaction, but will also boost so many confidence levels for women around the world. It’s a must to see yourself in the world you want to build and now you can with Pinterest. 

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