After Revealing That He’s ‘Never Treated A Woman Right 100 Percent,’ Mike Epps Issues A Public Apology To Wife Kyra

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Mike Epps is in hot water, or at least it seems that way when you read the recent apology he wrote to his wife Kyra Epps. The comedian, 53, was on the All The Smoke podcast recently having guy talk with Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson. During the chat, he opened up about how he hadn’t been a very good partner to the women he’s been with. Ever.

“I used to cry all the time and ask God, what did I do that I can’t have a son?” Mike said during the interview. He has five daughters. “But I know what it was. I lied to all these women, got them pregnant and sold them dreams.”

He would get a son, his sixth and last child, and second with wife Kyra named Mike Jr (they also have a daughter named Indiana). He shares two of his daughters with his ex-wife Mechelle McCain and has two others from a previous relationship.

“One thing I’m going to get right before I leave this Earth, I’m going to learn how to treat a woman 100 percent right,” he said during the conversation. “That’s something that I want to do. For my mother, for my children, for my daughters. I’ve never treated a woman right 100 percent. And now that I’m getting older, I’m realizing that you’ve got to treat a woman right, Mike. You can’t cheat on her. You’ve got to be her friend. You’ve got to not be selfish. This is what I wanna do. It’s one of my dreams.”

There were mixed responses to the podcast chat as some people seemed outraged about his comments about wanting to do right by a woman for once. His musings were perceived to mean that he wasn’t treating his wife Kyra right, which the internet didn’t like. After celebrities misspeak, we know what usually comes next: a public apology. Mike penned one and shared it with social media.

“I wanna apologize to my wife for what I said on this dumb a– podcast sh-t this sh-t is a trick bag,” he wrote. “I am always misunderstood on what I say on the internet smh never again will I interview with anyone never I am off this sh-t for good f–k off less.”

The comedian decided one apology wasn’t enough so he followed up with a second. In a since deleted post, he shared a photo of his wife with a message apologizing to her and his family.

“Again I wanna apologize to my beautiful wife for ignorant and reckless [comments] I honor you and my family please forgive me.”

Kyra and Mike have been married since 2019 and met in 2017. The couple also have a show together, Buying Back The Block, which premiered in 2023 on HGTV where they revamp homes that Mike purchased on the block he grew up on in Indianapolis.

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