Alex Elle Is Healing The Way For Us Through Fragrance

When Alex Elle speaks, we listen.

A beacon of strength and resilience for Black women everywhere, Elle’s unabashed journey into the wellness industry is a testament to the power of reclaiming one’s narrative and prioritizing self-care in a world that often overlooks our well-being.

The mother, poet, role model and wellness educator has shown us that we can be all things — but first, we must be and take care of ourselves. And her writing —and TikTok musings that stop me in my tracks everytime I’m scrolling — speaks directly to the hearts of Black women, offering solace, validation, and guidance in navigating the complexities of life. Through her work, Alex Elle not only amplifies our voices but also empowers us to honor our journeys.

So like I said — when Alex Elle speaks, we listen. If she drops a book (How We Heal), we read. Or in her latest act, releases a fragrance — we buy.

Alex Elle Is Healing The Way For Us Through Fragrance

Elle recently teamed up with Snif to create a fragrance celebrating mindfulness and well-being, marking the brand’s first dive into the world of emotions influenced by scent. 

Inspired and co-created by Elle, ‘Heal The Way’ is a serene, comforting fragrance that encapsulates the essence of daily affirmations in a bottle. With its blend of pistachio, Pink davana, creamy musks, and vanilla, this fragrance offers an elevated aroma experience crafted to uplift you throughout the day, leaving you both feeling and smelling divine. I mean, what better scent can you imagine to upgrade your self-care routine?

Just like our individual journeys to healing, scent is deeply personal, and this fragrance serves as a gentle nudge to prioritize self-care and tranquility. The author discusses her exploration into fragrance, how we can use ‘Heal The Way’ to prioritize our mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness and her own self-care rituals.

Collaborating on a perfume is a unique venture for you. What inspired you to explore the world of fragrance, and how does this collaboration with Snif fragrance align with your broader mission of promoting well-being and self-care?

I first discovered Snif as a customer when I purchased ‘Sweet Ash’ back in 2021. I have always loved fragrance, but after being pregnant my sense of smell shifted. I became more sensitive to the more “loud” perfumes I used to love. ‘Sweet Ash’ was one of the few fragrances I could actually wear and enjoy. After seeing my order, the Snif team reached out to me and we developed a great relationship that eventually led to us co-creating ‘Heal The Way.’

Scent helps uplift me and my mood. I love perfume, but I also love incense and essential oils used for aromatherapy. My evolution with scent and healing is the source of inspiration for this fragrance.

Alex Elle Is Healing The Way For Us Through Fragrance

Fragrance is often deeply connected to memory and emotion. How do you hope ‘Heal The Way’ will resonate with individuals on their healing journeys?

I am a firm believer that healing is a lifelong journey, and one that has ups and downs. I wanted to include the word “heal” in the fragrance name to serve as a daily reminder of this journey whenever I smell it. The name ‘Heal The Way’ also emphasizes how healing is generational – I am leading the way for my family, and healing by example. How I heal and take care of myself today paves the path for my daughters and their children to continue living fulfilling and happy lives. I wanted to create a fragrance that served as a daily gentle reminder, having a soft and subtle presence throughout its wear that can bring a sense of calmness and confidence.

Can you share a self-care practice or ritual that has been particularly transformative for you, and how does fragrance complement that experience?

Writing – as a creative and a writer, I love to roll-up my sleeves and be hands-on when creating something new. Diving into the world of scent has allowed me to tap into my artistic side in new ways. In both writing and scent development, you start with a blank slate and a bundle of emotions / thoughts. Whether with words or scent notes, it is a cathartic experience to express what is inside your head in a way that can be experienced and understood by others. 

The process of creating a fragrance is often shrouded in mystery. Can you demystify some of the behind-the-scenes aspects of developing ‘Heal The Way,’ from selecting fragrance notes to testing prototypes?

We started by sharing my vision for the fragrance. I wanted to create a scent that was warm, inviting, soothing and calming. I often share “gentle reminders” with my community, which are messages to help acknowledge your healing journey and be proud of where you are. I wanted this fragrance to feel like a gentle reminder you can give yourself everyday in the form of scent.

After sharing my vision and ideas for the scent, Snif’s team of perfumers translated it into over different potential scent directions. There’s been continuous feedback cycles with the perfumers – I was constantly testing the fragrances and providing feedback on each element, from the first impression to its longevity, in order to get closer and closer to our perfect fragrance. 

We also attended in-person smell sessions in NYC with my oldest daughter to continue modifying this scent until it was just right.  It has been such a special experience to share this fragrance process with her, and it’s created something else we can bond over. 

In the past year + of development, we have made over 60 modifications and it’s been such an honor to be involved in each step of this experience. This creative process has been extremely collaborative with the Snif team, and we’ve crafted a scent we are so proud of.

Looking ahead, what do you hope individuals take away from experiencing ‘Heal The Way’, and how do you envision it contributing to the broader conversation around mindfulness and well-being?

Having rituals and moments of solitude in the day are sacred and precious. I hope when people use ‘Heal the Way,’ they are rooted in the present, and that the scent and act of self-love offers them a moment of mindfulness. Whenever you wear ‘Heal the Way,’ I hope it acts as a gentle reminder of how wonderful you are and how far you have come.

We designed ‘Heal The Way’ to smell amazing, while also having some extra healing power in the scent notes based on my favorite scents and essential oils: Pistachio: Pistachio oil is known for its calming and protective properties, and this note serves as a reminder to protect my boundaries, especially when it gets hard, creating the space I need for my own healing and joy. Pink Davana: The first thing my daughter said when she smelled the Pink Davana at our perfumer session was ,“Mom, this smells like you!” I loved that. I’ve been a longtime fan of Pink Davana essential oil, which can serve as a mood booster. Pink Davana is the pick-me-up in ‘Heal The Way,’ reminding me to exude confidence and be true to myself. Vanilla Extract: When we started developing ‘Heal The Way,’ I sent the perfumers a bottle of a homemade fragrance I was wearing. The main ingredient in this DIY perfume was vanilla extract. Vanilla is widely used for relaxation, and we added it to ‘Heal The Way’ to give it an extra hint of serenity. Creamy Musks: The undertone of musk in ‘Heal The Way’ is warm, slightly sweet, and clean. I love the comfort creamy musk brings to ‘Heal The Way,’ reminiscent of wrapping yourself in a warm blanket of hugging someone you care about.

Your writing often serves as a source of comfort and inspiration for readers during challenging times. How do you cultivate resilience and maintain a sense of hope in your own life, especially when facing adversity?

I try my best to remember that the dark days won’t last forever. A big part of healing the way for me, is by practicing what I preach in my own life. This isn’t always easy! However, it’s [sometimes] through adversity that we remember our light and how valuable our joy is. Resilience, to me, is remembering that I can find my way back home to myself. 

Looking back on your career journey so far, what is one piece of advice you wish you had received when you were starting out, and what would you tell your younger self now?

Take every step of the journey at your own pace. Progress is not linear – there will be times when you feel like you can sprint ahead, and others where you may feel like you’re falling behind. As long as you meet yourself where you are, give yourself space for peace, and remember that you are capable, you will always land where you need to be. 

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