Balenciaga Fall 2024 Collection Review

Kicking off today’s fashion festivities during Paris Fashion Week was the Balenciaga showcase, with creative director Demna staging his latest for the fabled Paris-based fashion house on location within the French capital’s historic Les Invalides. Guests like Kim Kardashian, Serena Williams and Lisa Rinna flocked in their droves to watch from the front row as dust bags, backpacks and nylon gym bags were fashioned into tops, skirts and dresses. The dramatic and Insta-worthy set consisted of ginormous screens that showed different contrasting landscapes and electronic content – all specially generated for the occasion using AI technology. Taking inspo from signature Cristóbal Balenciaga house codes, Denma took a deconstructed approach when designing the collection and for the finale gave us a gown made entirely of repurposed lingerie.

Read below the reactions of theFashionSpot’s forum members:

“New low. Hard to watch.” [bennyboy]

“The oversized trend sort of annoys me more than Y2K. Those big shoulders really need to go. When the show started I thought it was solid but then it got progressively worse… what a nightmare! If Demna has to stay, then he has to do formal/evening wear only.” [thiago]

“I can’t with this brand. It’s beyond old-fashioned and passé. The worst. I have the biggest prejudices against it.” [Creative]

“Please, stop it with the clown shoes!” [Machinegumm]

“The last half of the show is really a disaster. This guy is not supposed to be gone by now?” [ghostwriter10549]

“Gosh, the music and video projections were annoying as hell. There were some really chic dresses at the start and some nice new bags. That’s it. The menswear offerings were all vile.” [FiLReD]

“So démodé. Desperately trying to cling onto any relevance they once had. This is just sad.” [gallianostan]

“Still very ugly and still deplorable but I wasn’t expecting anything new!! We’ve all moved on from ‘ugly fashion’ yet he’s still stuck there. The insult for me is using Isabeli, Frankie, Maggie and Tasha in this travesty – leave our icons out of this mess!” [mteb123]

See all the looks from the Balenciaga Fall 2024 collection and join the conversation, here.

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