Bella Hadid Vogue Italia April 2024

Until this month, Bella Hadid had not graced the cover of Vogue in almost twelve months. A dramatic statement, compared to the year 2017 when the industry fave graced a total of 7 different editions of the fashion bible. Following a brief hiatus from the spotlight, Bella makes a return to the cover of Vogue Italia with the unveiling of the magazine’s April 2024 installment, 11 months after her last. The American beauty who is set to launch her own makeup brand next month, welcomes us onto the Hadid family farm. Captured by photographer Zoë Ghertner, Bella poses atop Dallas the horse in the cover photograph, dressed by stylist Alex Harrington in a floor-length look from Balenciaga.


Read below the reactions of theFashionSpot’s forum members:

“Feels very flat… but I love seeing Bella Hadid again,” shared thiago the moment the cover dropped.

Sharing the same sentiments was Ihhbl: “Love seeing Bella but this cover feels bland and I hate when I can’t see the neck.”

“Awful cover and the horse looks so fake!” exclaimed DK92.

“You can feel the tension and not in a good way,” Xone commented.

Aracic wasn’t best impressed either, writing: “I blame it on Zoë Ghertner. A photographer with particular proclivity for capturing her subjects in most unflattering light imaginable. Horrible work, as always. Truly a waste of Bella and all of her beauty!”

“A truly wasted opportunity, especially with such a competent model like Bella Hadid. Absolutely hate this, from the naff concept with the horse to the lank hair and nondescript Balenciaga dress. Absolutely beggars believe how so-called creatives believe this level of mediocrity is acceptable…” vogue28 disapproved.

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