Bridgerton Inspired Fashion Trends To Style This Summer

If you’re Team Penelope (hello, Lady Whistledown lovers) you can easily channel the character by wearing one of her signature colors: green, orange, and yellow. In fact, the entire Featherington family is fond of the citrus color palette, which is perfect for summer. According to our 2024 color trend report, “citron zest” and “orange creamsicle” are in, making it even easier to find these vibrant colors across clothing and accessories. 

Since Penelope herself isn’t too keen on the true-yellow or chartreuse frocks she wears, we think she’d love a butter yellow style instead. Alternatively, if Penelope’s fashion arc of wearing deep gem tones like emerald green excites you this season, try out the “tropical teal” trend, which has also previously been spotted on Lady Kate Sharma.

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