Celebrity Makeup Artist Harold James Tells All About Glossier’s New Lip Liners

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Known for their original Balm Dotcom formula, Glossier’s latest launch is a collection of balm-enhancing lip liners designed with a secret makeup artist pro tip. “I recommend people use the makeup artist hack of using their nipple color as a guide to find their ideal lip shade match,” global makeup artist at Glossier Harold James tells ESSENCE. That hack is the inspiration behind the beauty brand’s new shades.

“What excites me the most about Lip Line is how perfectly the shades match the natural color of the lips,” James says, enriched with undertones to match dual-toned lips. “They are 8 true-to-lips shades with the perfect undertone for everyone.” The shades range from baby pink to dark chocolate, blended with warm, cool, and rosy notes and every undertone in between. All while the formula lends the creamy, long-lasting texture and finish Glossier has acclaim for.

MUA Harold James Tells All About Glossier’s New Lip Liners

To do this, ingredients like fractional quartz and jojoba oil impart a smooth application with a natural finish and keep the lips soft, respectively. Meanwhile, their Lip Grip Complex holds the water-resistant liner in place, resisting sweat and smudges (an ideal fit for next month’s ESSENCE Festival). “The creamy texture and smooth application make it easy to achieve precise lines and a flawless finish,” he says.

“For a seamless application, I recommend gliding the Lip Line lip liner along the lip line to outline and define, or fill in all over for a more intense look,” he says. Referencing lip liner icons Kelly Rowland and Zendaya, James says the line can give off a similar bold glamor look. “Lip liner helps define and enhance the natural shape of the lips, creating a polished and finished look,” he says. “They are timeless because they add dimension and structure to the lips, making them a staple in any makeup routine.”

MUA Harold James Tells All About Glossier’s New Lip Liners

Complementing the liner with your favorite products in your beauty bag, “I love pairing the Lip Line lip liners with Glossier’s Balm Dotcom or Lip Gloss for a complete lip look,” he says. For example, he recommends combining the “Bare” lip liner shade with a pink gloss to create a natural lip color that enhances the overall look. “The soft amplification of the lips for a natural finish and the 8 shades inspired by nipple tones make these lip liners truly stand out.”

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