Celebrity Stylist Manny Jay On Launching His New Podcast ‘Styling My Way Through’

Annie Devine

Manny Jay, the celebrity stylist has been a staunch advocate of fashion since he was seven years old. He considers himself lucky that both of his parents have always been supportive of his interests. Jay recalls them buying him dolls which he loved dressing up and playing with alongside his sister. “Whenever my mom took me and my sister shopping, she would let us choose our own outfits,” he shared in an email. 

He later began picking out clothes for his mother and sister, a core memory that speaks to where he is today. Now as a stylist to stars like Monaleo, Vic Mensa, and Trippie Red, Jay is diligently forging his own path. For nearly a decade, he has been working tirelessly to chase his dreams. 

Celebrity Stylist Manny Jay On Launching His New Podcast ‘Styling My Way Through’
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With the Houston-based rapper Monaleo, he has executed an assortment of fashion moments that have elevated her image. In September during New York Fashion Week, he was her go-to image maker, executing multiple cohesive outfits featuring pieces by Blumarine, Gucci, Stella McCartney, and Kim Shui. Each outfit included sensual and playful pieces in addition to pink being a hue that he paralleled with natural makeup. This run with Monaleo who is one of the boldest voices coming out of the South allowed him to put his stake down as a creative worth paying attention to.

“To me being a stylist means creating intentional fashion moments,” he noted. “Styling is about connecting a brand’s identity to its audience. Dressing up is supposed to reflect people’s personalities.” He added that he enjoys helping his clients achieve new fashion goals.

Celebrity Stylist Manny Jay On Launching His New Podcast ‘Styling My Way Through’
Annie Devine

For his latest feat, Manny is launching a new podcast, Styling My Way Through. Out today, the new platform was inspired by him having beat cancer twice. Additionally, late last year he felt he wanted to dive headfirst into his purpose, and he doesn’t feel styling is his only one. “Having beaten cancer twice, I feel deeply [about wanting] to contribute more to this world.” He admits that while working with celebrities is fun it can also be superficial. “I believe that if I’m going to use all my gifts in this world, I need to share my story with others.” He’s hopeful that the new platform will inspire others.

With Styling My Way Through, Manny is aiming to build a community while sharing his professional experiences. In each episode, he will host personalities like the beauty influencer and entrepreneur Jackie Aina. New themes will be explored with every installment of the podcast. “We will talk about life and fashion in an open, honest, and inspirational manner.” Jay clarifies that the platform won’t just focus on struggles, but will notably highlight hope and healing too. The core of the show leans on creating a sense of connection and inspiration for people who may need it most. He hopes to connect with those who are yearning for support while navigating life’s hardships.

“I aspire to be the source of hope that I once sought for myself,” he added. Jay further expresses that he feels a strong calling to make a difference in the world and he’s following that calling with determination.

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