Clay Gravesande From ‘Love Is Blind’ Has A New Lady, And His Mom Is Not Impressed

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Season 6 of Love Is Blind was engaging, to say the least. A specific couple from the season that got the internet chatting was Amber Desiree ‘AD’ Smith and Clay Gravesande. While the internet hoped their relationship would be a win for Black love, the pair made it to the end of the show but didn’t make it back down the aisle together. The reason is that Gravesande said he wasn’t ready for marriage after going on a show about finding a partner with the goal of getting married.

Recently, the bachelor has been blowing up the internet again after popping out with OnlyFans model Celina Powell. By “popping out,” we mean he appeared in a TikTok video Powell posted in bed that alluded to them being an item. She is controversial due to past associations with a few famous hip-hop artists. In the series of videos, she’s seen cozying up with and kissing Gravesande.

Fans were a little flustered because, after the show, Gravesande did several press runs where he discussed going to therapy to deal with his childhood trauma, which he was open about on the reality dating program. It came out at one point that his father used to take him on field trips to cheat on his mother, and this affected his ability to both be faithful and commit. Some internet users feel the entrepreneur’s choice to date Powell confirms suspicions that those were crocodile tears and that he only joined the show for fame. Some also feel, based on his association with Powell, that AD was never his type, and that’s why he said no to her at the altar.

Internet users didn’t waste time sending the news of Gravesande’s new love interest to his mother, Margarita Gravesande, who is on Instagram. She became an unexpected star of the show after checking Clay’s father during one of the final episodes about how he treated her during their marriage and the trauma he passed onto their son consequently.

Margarita had some words to share with Clay via her Instagram stories.

“First, my #1 rule for folks following me on social media. Don’t send me any inappropriate videos…Second, I didn’t know who CP was until everyone started sending me her youtube information,” she wrote before sharing the vomiting emoji. “it’s very interesting that some men will lose everything thinking that the apple is good but its a forbidden choice (do better). The deceiver uses old tricks to attack and destroy.”

“Clayton Alexander, you know that Jesus will allow things to occur. He’s still trying to get your attention….” she wrote. “Please surrender to him.” Margarita concluded the post by asking people who are so invested in the gossip to ensure they’re contributing to their communities, ending with, “Signed, Straight Shooter.”

Clay clearly saw his mom’s message because he responded via his stories a few hours later, 

“Heard you mom… my apologies,” with a red heart emoji.

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