Consultant in Seattle, WA — Money Diary

Occupation: Community engagement consultant
Industry: Consulting
Age: 34
Location: Seattle, WA
My Salary: $190,000 (projected net revenue)
My Partner’s Income: $26,000 in severance, $1,019 weekly unemployment benefits (my husband was recently laid off).
Net Worth: $512,529.68 (assets: $1.16million home, $84,181.09 in my savings account, $2,537.40 in my personal checking account, $11,724.62 in my joint checking account, $104,022.94 in investment accounts, $186,063.83 in retirement accounts. Debt: $960,000 remaining on the mortgage, $64,000 in a student loan I co-signed for my brother, $12,000 remaining on a car loan. I am married and my partner and I pay all bills and household expenses from our joint checking account. We each have personal checking accounts that we use to purchase our own clothes, items for our hobbies, et cetera, and my partner has his own savings, investment, and retirement accounts that I didn’t include here.)
Debt: $1,036,000 (mortgage, student loans, car loan)
Paycheck Amount (1x/month): $8,000 (This is the net amount I transfer from my business bank account to my checking accounts.)
Pronouns: She/her

Monthly Expenses
Mortgage: $5,814.89
Car Loan: $492.13
Daycare: $1,586
Retirement: $1,000 to a SEP IRA directly from my business bank account (I may pause this while my partner is unemployed and transfer it to checking instead).
Savings: $500 (I may pause this while my partner is unemployed.)
Electric: $50
Garbage/Water/Sewer: $150
Gas: $150
Internet: $75 (I deduct half as a business expense.)
Cell Phone: $57 (I deduct half as a business expense.)
Home/Auto Insurance: $170
Health Insurance: Previously fully covered by my partner’s employer; we have not chosen a new plan yet.
Streaming: $27

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