Couple-Care: Adekunle Gold And Simi

When you think of it-couple Adekunle Gold and Simi words like “royalty” and “power couple” may come to mind. That’s likely because individually they shine bright: Gold known for hits like “Do You Mind,” while Simi brings the heat with new tracks like “Men Are Crazy” featuring Tiwa Savage. They make magic together, too. Most recently, that looked like their hit song “Look What You Made Me Do,” with a heartwarming music video to match. “We love that we get to do what we would have done for free, for a living,” Gold tells ESSENCE.

As for their love story? It began 10 years ago, which, “feels like a lifetime,” as the couple describes.  “We have different stories,” Simi explains. One of which is, “boy hears girl’s music before they meet. He sends her a message on Facebook to tell her he’s a fan. However, girl never sees the message,” she adds with a laugh. “The first time we met was at one of my shows,” Simi says. “He was sweet, but we didn’t even really become friends until later that year. We started dating months after that.” And they haven’t looked back since. 

Below, they go into detail about their couple-care routines, how these practices benefit their relationship, and more. “For us, spending time together and being present with each other is crucial to the level of emotional and physical intimacy we have been able to develop,” Simi says. “I love being with him. He’s funny, sweet, attentive, intentional and he spoils me.” Gold agrees. “Simi is thoughtful and caring. She looks after us. It’s important to cherish that.”

Couple-Care: Adekunle Gold And Simi

Their favorite couple-care memory

Simi: During the pandemic, I was pregnant and the world was on lockdown. We were in a little apartment somewhere in Texas for about 11 months. We set up a little recording studio in the tiny closet, we watched tv shows every night, and took walks. He baked me a cake for my birthday and it tasted strange but I loved it.

Another favorite is on our honeymoon. We had booked a room and when we got to the hotel, we decided to use up all our savings and upgraded to the presidential suite instead. We had a blast.

Their individual self-care routines

Simi: When I need a wind down, I love to read, go to the beach or the pool. I’m a little sucker for ice cream and binging on my favorite shows, too. I’m a bit of a recluse, so the more inside time, the better. However, when I get with my friends, I’m the life of the party.

Adekunle Gold: I like to get facials and go to the spa and get pedicures. Grooming is important to me. 

Their joint wellness routine

Simi: We go to the spa together. The other day we got a pedi together and gossiped the whole time. It was nice. We also always make sure we create time for our annual family holidays. It helps us refocus on what’s most important to us; each other. 

The self-care lessons they’ve learned from one another

Simi: I’ve learned to relax more with him. He’s more adventurous and more likely to leap than I am. I like to let him take the lead with that. I’ve tried to teach him not to take the hard days too personally and enjoy his wins more.

He says I’ve taught him to keep things simple. For instance, with skin care, he’s the type to buy and use every product anyone recommends to him. I tell him to keep it simple. Since he’s started sticking to a set of products, it’s been working for his skin much better.

The products they’ve introduced to one another

Adekunle Gold: Simi has really sensitive skin, so it’s unlikely that we share the same products. I think we only really share hair products. I recommended a lotion brand to her once, but she didn’t use it, it smelled too sweet, she said. She prefers to use products that are fragrance-free and more natural. I usually go with what’s most expensive [laughs] and smells eccentric.

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