Creative Project Manager In Caracas — Money Diary

7 p.m. — I drop P. off at home and decide to get groceries out of the way. I head to the store and buy eggs, yogurt, cereal, laundry detergent, soap, deodorant, toothpaste, and some cheese. I started meal prepping in January, and it’s been going ok. I slacked last week, so I still have veggies and fruits, and plan on making a spinach and ricotta lasagne. I get home, soak some black beans to cook tomorrow, and sit down to work with the UFC playing in the background. I snack on Pringles, eat a slice of lasagne my brother made this week, and get to work making a job description for a client who has a creative agency — she’s had a rough time lately, and hopes investing in help will help her pull through. We started working together in 2021, and even though I barely get any hours from her, I like supporting her. Plus, sometimes she refers me to clients who pay around $2,000 for website content. $41.47

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