Day To Night Essentials Most Likely Already In Your Closet


As spring approaches and daylight savings comes to an end, going out a bit more will come with only one challenge (we hope), and that is knowing what you need to go from day to night look in a hurry with no fuss. These essentials are what will take you from an hour down to 30 minutes when getting ready for a night out after an already long day of working or errands. Not trends, not basics —essentials. These are staples that you need to keep in your wardrobe to build any outfit regardless of aesthetic preferences or new TikTok fashion “cores.” When transitioning from day to night, the main thing you want to be is comfortable —and also maybe a little sexy, and with these essentials, you definitely will be.

If you have yet to find these in your closet or are in need of figuring out how to style them, we got you. The day-to-night guide is as old as time, and some things never change when it comes to fashion and its’ few timeless rules of what to wear and when to wear it. Look into what you should be holding onto this spring for your transitional outfits that take you from work all the way to dinner.


A blazer has honestly withstood the test of time threw so many trend cycles, you can never go wrong with them. During the day, a casual hoodie underneath paired with a baseball cap, and at night, try buttoning it up all the way on top of a flowy dress or skirt. See: The Frankie Shop & Christopher John Rogers.

Black Boots

Calf or thigh highs; the option is totally up to you. But a black boot is a must-have when going from day to night. During the day, a denim skirt and tee can never go wrong, and at night a minidress, whether bodycon or loose, gives you an edgy feel. See: the Hanifa Zoe boot & Margiela Ankle Tabi.

Boxy White Graphic Tee

This can also be a plain white tee, but we love graphics here. This is perfect for the days when you are in a rush. You can simply just throw on a cute pair of sandals or flats for comfort and still look effortlessly chic. If you want to go the extra mile with a blazer, please do! See: The Stamp Ringer Tee from House of Aama.

Blue Striped Button Down

There’s a blue button-down in everyone’s closet, and if you don’t have one by now, you can find it just about anywhere in-store, online, or even thrift it. Doesn’t matter if it’s a women’s shirt or your man’s; it’ll always be the perfect amount of flowy. For the day, try a pair of white or blue jeans and sneakers, and for the night, throw on a blazer and heels for a business dinner or casual girl’s night. See: Loewe.

Little Or Maxi Black Dress

Whether it’s an LBD or a maxi, a black dress has yet to fail anyone who needs a quick change from day to night and maybe even night to day on those crazy weekend rendezvous. For the daytime, you can wear fun, comfy heels and switch them out for something sleeker, like black strappy sandals. See: Tia Adeola Jesus Maxi Dress & Victor Glemaud.

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