Diesel Introduces Docuseries “Behind The Denim”

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Diesel has always been known for its denim ever since launching in 1978, it’s ingrained in the brand’s DNA. The brand’s four-decade stance on nonconformity, self-expression, and freedom has brought it to this point. Now, as Diesel continues to uproot the status quo, a new endeavor arises, a docuseries.

Entitled “Behind the Denim,” this five-part docuseries imparts the devotion that Diesel has to creating lower-impact denim through mindful, sustainable practices. The brand recently launched a new program, “For Responsible Living Strategy.” Since its launch, Diesel has overhauled its supply chain with less impactful practices starting with the fabrics sourced to ensure the garment’s full lifecycle is addressed. The brand’s denim made from organic, recycled, or regenerative cotton has grown in the last three years from 3 percent to 50 percent.

“Behind the Denim” is hosted by i-D’s Lea Ogunlami as she speaks with Diesel customers in Milan. Additional guests include the brand’s sustainability ambassador Andrea Rosso, the OTB Group Chief Sustainability Officer, Sara Betteghella, and Glenn Martens, Diesel’s current creative director who details the brand’s denim creation process. The docuseries serves to demystify its production as fashion is one of the leading environmentally destructive industries.

In the series, she is shown asking hard-hitting questions about sustainability not limited to breaking down the meaning behind the term “circulatory.”  Additionally, Ogunlami visits one of the brand’s industrial denim laundries to view how they wash their denim. This moment showcases the innovative techniques that are used to reduce the use of chemicals as well as water. In Spain, she visits a regenerative cotton farm and a warehouse that is filled with denim scraps with Tejidos Royo, a sustainability specialist. While there Royo demonstrates how the Diesel Rehab Denim is made with those recycled materials. 

The docuseries is produced in partnership with Create Sustain and directed by Luke Casey. It addresses sustainability issues within the denim industry in unabashed, direct ways with an early 2000s unproduced energy to it. “Behind the Denim” will bring to light an issue that most people have—an average person owning six pairs of jeans.

Watch “Behind the Denim” on diesel.com, Instagram, and YouTube.

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