Emilio Pucci Spring 2024 Collection Review

LVMH endorsed Camille Miceli as Pucci creative director in 2021, who has since bestowed upon us a total of six collections at the helm of the famed Italian fashion house founded in 1947. On Friday April 4, Miceli staged her second runway showcase within the historic Palazzo Altemps, located right in the heart of Rome. Miceli’s latest lineup was a homage to the iconic Vivara print, first created in 1965 by Emilio Pucci himself and boasting vivid shades of aquatic blue, green and purple. In addition to three new Miceli-designed prints (Cigni, Bersaglio, and Chiave) making their debuts, looks elsewhere throughout the confident collection oozed an effortless bohemian flair. Oh, and need we mention the presence of Isabella Rossellini, 34 years after that Vogue Italia cover featuring the famous Vivara print?


Read below the reactions of theFashionSpot’s forum members:

“WTF? Looks like LaCroix but much less sophisticated. Prints like this are hard to do…” [Nimsay]

“I love Camille Miceli and I think she understands the brand from a niche lifestyle POV because she is the client and she knows the clients. However, this is not my cup of tea at all. I wore Pucci only when Peter Dundas was there. I used to love his watered down prints on chiffon or silk. Missoni for me, is the new Pucci.
That being said, I like the casting and the look on Christy Turlington.” [Lola701]

“This seems very confused. Love the retro bits, confused on the Dundas portion.” [Gaultier_Bandit]

“Kinda fab!” [Nolnvite]

“Pucci always delivers. If it ain’t broke why fix it?” [Mr Yayo]

“I am just glad Pucci is back on track!” [BalkaniStaCouture]

“Very nicely done! There is genuinely not one look I dislike. A real solid collection from Camille Miceli, love the use of print and massively appreciate Miceli not ditching all the signature Emilio Pucci staples in an attempt to reinvent the wheel. The black sequined dress is GORGEOUS!” [vogue28]

See all the looks from the Emilio Pucci Spring 2024 collection and join the conversation, here.

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