Emma Corrin US Harper’s Bazaar June July 2024

You can imagine our excitement and complete bewilderment, subsequent to a slew of deeply unimpressive covers starring Solange Knowles, Lana Del Rey and Leanne de Haan over recent months, when covers of Harper’s Bazaar with Regina King, Anok Yai and Christy Turlington began to rock our world. It appears, however, things are back to square one with the unveiling of Bazaar‘s depressing and lifeless-looking double June/July 2024 cover. Samira Nasr welcomes Emma Corrin as cover star for the occasion, who captured by photographer Sam Rock, is dressed by the mag’s newly-installed style director Carlos Nazario in a Miu Miu vest top and briefs (Miu Miu being, of course, a brand to which Corrin is brand ambassador).


Read below the reactions of theFashionSpot’s forum members:

“This? After Regina and Anok’s successful covers? No, thank you,” crmsn immediately disapproved.

“Honestly, I was rooting so hard for American Harper’s Bazaar. I see we’re back to square one here. Dumbfounded over Samira Nasr expecting people to part with their hard-earned money for such an abysmal cover. Where’s the allure? Where’s the charm?” asked vogue28.

MModa wasn’t buying it either, declaring: “This dud of a cover sums up the editor’s aesthetic.”

Also deeply unimpressed was NYLA22, voicing: “When I see covers like this, it makes me think that editors are making magazines for themselves. Harper’s Bazaar is a mass, mainstream fashion publication and I don’t really know who this is for!”

“Was really hoping that woke fashion mag covers were finally behind us. Guess not,” sighed Handbag Queen.

“Honestly with a different look, it could have been lovely. This dull beige Miu Miu set is not helping,” commented forum member GivenchyAddict.

See more of Emma Corrin via the lens of Sam Rock for Harper’s Bazaar June/July 2024 and share your thoughts, here.

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