EXCLUSIVE: The Rundown On Ciara’s Tousled Waves At The 2024 Super Bowl

Courtesy of @dimitrishair on Instagram.

With the Super Bowl half-time show featuring Usher– and big A-list celebrities such as Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Andra Day, and many others in attendance– we are all tuning in to watch the biggest game of the year.

And in the midst of all the entertainment, we couldn’t help but to notice Ciara’s tousled waves. “The inspiration behind Ciara’s hair look for the Super Bowl was to go big in Vegas or go home,” Dimitris Giannetos tells ESSENCE. “The desired style was a tousled, voluminous look with lots of texture and a flip on the side to match the excitement of the big day.”

Giannetos started with a towel and diffuser to dry her hair before using the Nexxus Mousse+ Volumizing Foam for extra volume. Then, he sprayed her hair with the Nexxus Prep & Protect Heat Defense Spray and started curling the hair in different directions. 

After Giannetos finished curling the hair, he followed up with the Nexxus XXL Volume Hairspray to ensure the curls would last without feeling stiff and crunchy. Then, he flipped her hair down and tousled the strands with his hands. To finish, he used the Nexxus Repair & Nourish Ultra Lightweight Hair Oil for extra shine. 

Giannetos also raved about working with the 38-year-old singer. “Ciara’s vision and creativity bring out the best in my work, making every styling session a memorable and inspiring experience,” he says. “Being part of Ciara’s glam team for the Super Bowl is not just about styling; it’s about contributing to the magic and glamor that make these events unforgettable.”

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