Experience The Natural Beauty Of Mexico With Vidanta at Riviera Maya

Courtesy of Vidanta

Mexico has come to be known for its gorgeous beaches, jagged terrain, ancient ruins and vibrant areas, but the country’s hidden gem lies in the state of Quintana Roo—the beautiful resort of Vidanta at Riviera Maya.

Upon entry, visitors will experience the unmatched aesthetic of Mexico in all of its splendor. Here, one can explore over 1000 acres of paradise, filled with pristine pools and bordered by magnificent beaches. At Riviera Maya, you’ll enjoy more than 15 world-class bars and restaurants, a globally respected golf course, lavish spa services, and fantastic entertainment—including access to Riviera Maya’s resident Cirque du Soleil show JOYÀ, and to the fantastic water world that is Jungala Aqua Experience.

Experience The Natural Beauty Of Mexico With Vidanta at Riviera Maya
Courtesy of Vedanta

The resort features five luxury hotels—The Bliss, Mayan Palace, The Grand Mayan, The Grand Bliss, and Grand Luxxe. Having the opportunity to stay in the latter, the rooms there featured multiple bedroom suites and villas, and a three bedroom spa suite that includes three bedrooms and two king-size beds and two double-size beds, three bathrooms with two Jacuzzi tubs, a terrace with plunge pool, gourmet kitchen, two living rooms with sleeper sofas, two dining rooms, and five TVs. 

While the rooms are cozy, it’s the surrounding area that brings out the true character of Vidanta. As far as cuisine, the compound is home to the Salum Beachside Eateries & Market, which has nearly 20 restaurants and lounges. One of its fine dining options, Quinto is circular, two-level space with unparalleled views of the gorgeous resort scenery while the menu includes flavorful selections such as ribeye crisps, grilled octopus, the lobster soup, kampachi, and so much more.

Experience The Natural Beauty Of Mexico With Vidanta at Riviera Maya
Salum at Vidanta at Riviera Maya. Courtesy of Vidanta

Since you’re in one of the most gorgeous locations in the world, it’s important to take advantage of your atmosphere. Vidanta’s high-end seaside lounge, The Beach Club, is the perfect place to view the crystal-clear waters, and to soak up the sun’s vitamin D that we all need. Nektar, the area’s exotic Yucatecan eatery, highlights the best of local cuisine and boasts a cocktail list filled with vivacious takes on classic drinks. Located next to the Cirque du Soleil Theater, you can hang out with friends before taking in the spectacular sights of the main attraction, JOYÀ.

Standing as Cirque du Soleil’s only resident show in Latin America, JOYÀ celebrated its 9-year anniversary and 10th season at Vidanta in November. As the singular Cirque du Soleil dinner show that blends a culinary experience with performing arts, this has become a favorite with residents and travelers alike. Aesthetically, the facility is as practical as it is astounding. Boasting an intimate 650-seat theater with a multi-level, 270° stage, it is one of the most technically advanced auditoriums ever built in the region.

Experience The Natural Beauty Of Mexico With Vidanta at Riviera Maya
Cirque Du Soleil: JOYÀ. Courtesy of Vidanta

Prior to the show, visitors are invited to enjoy a pre-show, followed by a three course meal provided by Vidanta Corporate Chef Alexis Bostelmann and his team. The dinner combines traditional Mexican flavors, featuring herbs such as chaya, epazote, and habanero peppers, in addition to other fresh local ingredients. JOYÀ itself follows the adventures of a rebellious teenage girl whisked away to a mysterious jungle in her grandfather’s fantastical world. For Caroline Sicard, the show’s Artistic Director, the beauty lies both in the audience’s astonishment at the performances, as well as seeing the artists themselves “bloom on stage,” she says.

Experience The Natural Beauty Of Mexico With Vidanta at Riviera Maya
Jungala Aqua Experience. Courtesy of Vidanta

“It’s in the energy of what someone is projecting,” Sicard explains. “So, when I’ve been working with artists for a little bit, or I see something and I want to bring it somewhere else, and all the work of getting that out of people and finally seeing that blooming and seeing the audience having a good time while they’re visiting us, because that’s really the point, right? It’s to transport people out of this world and give them a good time while they’re in those seats. So yeah, I think for me, that’s the magic of it all. Maybe it sounds cliché, but that’s why I’m here to create magic for the people. And so when I really see the artist transcending that on stage, it’s very nice.”

What’s even more amazing about Vidanta at Riviera Maya, is that the magic doesn’t end with JOYÀ, it follows you when you decide to partake in the Jungala Aqua Experience. Designed to highlight the region’s natural beauty, it features a jungle-inspired theme, and includes unique dining concepts, and a collection of top-tier rides. Visitors can either play in the wave pool, or bask in the sun while in the longest lazy river in Latin America, either way, Jungala is something that the entire family can enjoy.

Experience The Natural Beauty Of Mexico With Vidanta at Riviera Maya
Spatium. Courtesy of Vidanta

After all the excitement that the Cirque Du Soleil show has to offer, one can relax at one of the compound’s renowned spas—Brio and Spatium. The Spatium experience begins with a long walk to the facility, where visitors can marvel at the beauty of the forest, followed by a peaceful oasis upon entering the building. Here, guests can enjoy an array of treatments, from the traditional full-body massage, to specific treatments such as halotherapy cabin, which combines the science of rejuvenation with the wisdom of ancient Mexico.

Vidanta at Riviera Maya is an amazing resort, but it’s the natural beauty of the area that really brings it all together. From the food, the spas, uniquely-themed activities, and JOYÀ, this experience is something that will remain at the top of your memory for years to come.

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