For Us, By Us: Here’s 7 Of The Best Self-Care And Mental Health Podcasts Led By Black Women


May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and we encourage you to invest further in your wellness. However, sometimes, you need some assistance. Listening to podcasts can be a great way to learn more about self-care and wellness techniques, relate to others, and build community. While there are many podcasts out there, we found several that focus on discussing the importance of prioritizing self-care and healthy mental habits. Check out our list of podcasts for wellness, created by Black women for us, below.

Healed Girl Era Podcast

ESSENCE alum Gia Peppers brings a fresh perspective to the faith and wellness space with the Healed Girl Era Podcast. This podcast is a place for the “gworls” amid, or on the brink of, healing the parts of them that encountered the highs, lows, and lessons of life. Peppers speaks with her guests on this show about how they managed to get to and through the eras that defined who they are. HGE dives into the questions we all need answers to on our journey to becoming the best versions of ourselves.

Trials To Triumph

Netflix star, producer, content creator, and soon-to-be mom Ashley Blaine Featherson-Jenkins is stepping out with her brand-new podcast Trials to Triumphs. The interview-style show debuted on the Oprah Winfrey Network, which includes the popular Oprah’s Super Soul podcast. Her personal and professional struggles and her gift for relating and connecting to people from all walks of life allow Ashley and her notable guests to open up about the trials that led to their many triumphs. In these intimate and revealing conversations, Ashley and her guests will unpack moments hidden from the public as guests work to become who they are today.

The Black Girl Bravado Podcast 

These hilarious best friends bring levity to complex mental health issues like depression, PTSD, and anxiety. They are focused on transforming the lives of Black women through sisterhood, healing, and collective growth. They aim to create a safe space for Black women to feel seen, heard and understood. You’re in the right place if you’re looking for a community that caters to you.

Therapy For Black Girls 

Hailing from the resourceful platform Therapy For Black Girls, their podcast is a weekly chat about mental health, personal development, and all the small decisions we can make to become the best possible versions of ourselves.

The Audacious Black Girl Podcast

Hosted by Amanda L. Paul, a licensed therapist, The Audacious Black Girl podcast is a one-stop shop for empowering conversations about mental health, healing, self-care, personal development, and more for visionary Black women. She encourages her listeners to be vulnerable and real to accomplish the necessary inner work to heal. Think of Amanda as your guide and mentor on your journey, helping you get right within so you can show up and out in the world.

Deeply Well with Devi Brown

Devi Brown curates “Deeply Well” as a soft space to land where higher consciousness meets your everyday life. A place to nourish your whole being through conscious conversations, soul work, guided meditations, and connecting to the tools needed on your path towards healing and self-discovery. The podcast includes conversations with leaders and radical healers in wellness around the topics meant to expand and support listeners of all backgrounds on their well-being journeys, offering expertise in self-care practices and trauma. On the podcast, she covers psychology, spirituality, astrology, and alternative healing practices such as psychedelics and intimacy coaching.

Black Girls Heal

Hosted by Shena Lashey, The Black Girls Heal podcast helps women of color who are love addicts or avoidants heal from unresolved trauma, break unhealthy relationship patterns, and improve their self-love. In every episode, they discuss the roots of intimacy and attachment issues, including low self-esteem, and what Black women can do to alleviate the pain.

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