Gwen Stefani GXVE Beauty Dewyplump Blush Lip Interview

When Gwen Stefani debuted GXVE Beauty in 2022, I had zero chill about it. Her solo album was the soundtrack of my pre-teen years, and I even performed a gym-mandated gymnastics routine to No Doubt’s “Just A Girl” when I was in the sixth grade. (This was pre-social media, and I’ve since made sure that no known video footage of this exists.) And while there are possibly too many celebrity beauty brands these days, hers is one that just makes sense. And just in time for a spring beauty refresh, Stefani is unveiling two new GXVE products that stay true to her mission of making makeup a source of creativity and joy — no beauty school diploma required.

When I received an early sample of GXVE’s new Dewyplump Collagen Lip Gel and Collagen Boosting Cheek Tints, I fear there may have been a mistake; the six shades of each product were exactly the same, and I worry that I’m looking at two sets of the same product. Not so — Stefani intentionally created corresponding shades of hydrating lip oil and liquid blush as perfect pairings for the user: “I really wanted to think about the people out there that may feel a bit scared about how to put on makeup, and I wanted to make something that was beautiful and easy,” she tells me. Below, keep reading for the story behind the new Dewyplump products (which you can get on sale at Sephora right now) — plus Stefani’s glam game-plan for her upcoming Coachella set.

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