Here’s Why Bio Sculpture Is Replacing Traditional Gels

The promise that your nails are looked after while your gels are on means it’s less likely to damage your natural nail plate, resulting in weak or peeling nails, which are common following repeat gel nail appointments. Diogo has lots of loyal clients who opt for Bio Sculpture manicures back to back with no problems to their natural nails, she reports. Even better, Bio Sculpture offers pre-manicure nail treatments under its sister brand, Ethos. Consisting of oils, exfoliators, and vitamin- and mineral-infused base coats, Ethos products are intended to be layered under Bio Sculpture polish before starting the manicure, says Diogo. “It’s all about strengthening the nail and keeping your nails super healthy while that polish is on,” Diogo adds. Bio Sculpture devotees also claim that the gel system helps with nail growth.

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