Hobbies Over Him: Here Are Some Low Cost Activities You Can Take Up When Work and Dating Isn’t Enough

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Recently, a conversation gained traction online around whether women have hobbies, and surprisingly, most responses were a resounding no.

“There is some discourse going on TikTok right now about how girls with no hobbies are absolutely insufferable, like worst people to be around—and I absolutely agree,” one TikTok user shared candidly in a March video. “You have to be very intentional about it, but it’s going to do nothing but enrich your life.”

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In a 2023 report from The Fashion Journal, it found that ABS’s Time Use Survey revealed women aren’t as oriented to develop hobbies, particularly the professionally ambitious, because they typically spend an extra hour per day on unpaid domestic work that male counterparts don’t. This is particularly distressing since research shows creative hobbies can help improve the mental health of stress-laden entrepreneurs.

With that, here are a few low-cost hobbies to consider when dating and working just aren’t enough.

Take a cultural dance class

From a sensual African Samba to a jazz tap class, taking a course in movement is a fun activity to get into that can return some great physical benefit in the long run. You can find great options on Groupon or even TikTok in your local area.

Join a book club

Reading will never go out of style, but many of us rarely have the time to dive into a good book when life’s responsibilities get in the way. Joining an in-person or virtual book lover’s community is an easy (and often free) way to get held accountable for upping your reading game, sparking interesting conversations and even fostering new friendships.

Look into a running club

Running is one of the best ways to get fit and clear the mind without spending a dime. But what’s even better is reaping those benefits while meeting new people along the way.

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Wine tasting

Learning about different varietal of wine can be a great hobby that can help expand your palette. Taking a free or low-cost sommelier course online, or showing up a local wine bar or winery for a tasting can run you no more than $50-$100.


Pickleball is one of the most popular new sports right now, and it’s for a good reason. The equipment is inexpensive, and there are free courts being built all the time.


Astronomy is one of the oldest the natural sciences, and also one of the most fun to learn about. You can visit your local planetarium to speak with a guide or purchase an affordable telescope to star gaze on your own.

Would you try any of these hobbies?

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