How To Command The Room (And Calm Your Anxiety) In An Interview To Land The Job

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You’ve secured a job interview with a company you’d love to work for. But it doesn’t stop there—now you have to make a favorable impression on the interviewers. If this sentence just sent a chill down your spine, you’re not alone.

An overwhelming 93% of Americans confess to feeling anxious leading up to conversations with a hiring manager about a role they’re vying for.

So, as you see, it’s perfectly normal to be nervous going into an interview for a job, even if you know you’re perfect for the position. Here are few tips to quell the anxiety.

Create a script

Although you’re going to be essentially talking about yourself, it’s still helpful to write a few talking points out so your mind can have an idea of what to communicate during the interview. Just like a celebrity who has been prepped for a media interview with a journalist, going into a conversation with a sense of the important topics you’ll be covering will help make you feel more prepared.

Show up early

Regardless of if the interview room is virtual of IRL, get there early. There aren’t too many things you can control in life, but timeliness isn’t one.

Think of it as a conversation

Because it is! I know it’s a special circumstance, but remember, this is quite literally a conversation with another person who is likely friendly and open. Take care to not elevate them too high in your head.

Practice in the mirror/With a friend

Once you’ve taken time prep some sample interview questions (check sites like Glassdoor or The Muse for guidance) and created a high-level script, get in front of a mirror, a friend, or your phone camera and practice. This is a great way to check your facial expressions, body language and temperament before going in front of the interviewer.

Speak to your higher power

Some of our most successful figures practice visualization (see Michael Jordan, Oprah and countless others). Also known as manifestation, taking the time to purposefully think about a desire you want to fulfill actually works. Whether you pray, manifest, conjure or other another form of spiritual practice, connecting with a higher power is a great way to center your mind.

Make a brag list

Sometimes while we’re in the midst of getting work done, we can forget how much we’ve accomplished. Remind yourself. Take look back at your resume, your LinkedIn profile or even through other social media profiles where you’ve shared special accolades and write them all out. Remember, you may really want this job, but they’d be lucky to have you too.

God speed!

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