How Your Favorite LGBTQ+ Couples Met And Fell In Love

Wiley told BUST Magazine that before she met future wife Lauren Morelli, a writer for Orange Is the New Black, she was impressed with her.

“I just remember her coming to set and me being able to watch her be a boss from afar, telling whatever people to go this way, answering this question. Just seeing her literally be the person in charge was really attractive to me,” Wiley said.

She also told the magazine that their relationship started as a friendship, where Morelli confided in her about all of her feelings regarding her sexuality (she was married at the time to a man), way before they became romantic.

“I remember those first months with her, trying to figure out her journey with her own sexuality. Feeling like she picked me as the person she was going to talk to about all of it. And it wasn’t sexual, it was just like a friend,” she told the magazine. “There was something deeply intimate about that, whether there was sexual tension there or not. The deep intimacy of being two people talking about the core of who we are. Talking about our journeys. Not even necessarily flirting on set, but on the phone, thousands of miles apart, talking about Who are we? And does this make me a different person? Does this actually make me who I am now? That’s how we fell in love.”

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