ICYMI: 13 Celebrity Beauty Moments From The Weekend

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Celebrities had a busy weekend serving up look after look on a silver platter. And– between the NAACP Image Awards and viral beauty posts– our favorites had us going back for seconds. From Chloe Bailey’s pink powdered blush and sharp black wing to an extra-short flipped bob on Lizzo, this week was full of beauty moments you wouldn’t want to miss.

Lori Harvey tried something new with a blonde pixie cut wig and eyebrows to match. Of course, we can’t forget to mention her winged liner and matte smokey makeup. And spinning of wings, model Alva Claire’s double flicked eye and stony lip liner look was made possible by the Danessa Myricks Groundwork palette– adding core-defining neutral shadows. Meanwhile, Ryan Destiny’s dreamy chocolate look at the NAACP Awards resided in foggy dark tones to go with her fluffed curls.

Doechii is “welcoming her alter ego,” after a double platinum win, wearing a princess crown over bantu knots and brows swiped on bold and straight. When it came to Meg Thee Stallion, her glam team turned her into “Megan Thee Babydoll” with a layered side bang and Bratz-like lashes. Model Tina Kunakey paired her laminated brows with a pretzel-twisted updo and Saweetie went playful in a pin and platinum blonde look and pink jeweled claws. To end the weekend, Halle Bailey blessed us with a siren beauty moment for her “In Your Hands” music video.

In case you missed it, take a look at the 13 celebrity beauty moments we double-tapped this weekend.

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