Is Having Long Nail Beds Yet Another Beauty Standard?

The recent online conversation around short nail beds can be traced back to the comments section of a viral TikTok video captioned, “You might think that no one notices your nails, but I actually think it plays a big role in pretty privilege.” In the clip, which has amassed 1.4 million views, the poster @egybestie feels that she is taken more seriously when her nails are done, and calls the manicure a “door opener”. The post sparked a heated discussion about beauty standards, namely the pressure placed on women to look “groomed” at all times. Among the hundreds of comments, one stood out: “I thought you were gonna talk about the pretty privilege of your actual nail beds,” wrote a viewer. “Some of ya’ll have the perfect nail beds and mine are out here all wonky and wide.” Interestingly, it’s one of a few comments that received a reply from the poster: “I REALLY SHOULD’VE,” @egybestie responded. “I have naturally short [nail]beds so I [definitely] feel like long nail beds are pretty privilege.” 

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