Jewelry Brand Simone I. Smith Taps Misa Hylton For Latest Collection

Simone I. Smith

Black-owned jewelry brand Simone I. Smith has tapped another big name in music and fashion, Misa Hylton. The celebrity stylist is largely known for dressing some of the largest female artists from Missy Elliot and Lil’ Kim to singer Mary J. Blige, whom the brand has also worked with. A new collection has been unveiled with Hylton behind it entitled “Denim and Diamonds.”

Jewelry Brand Simone I. Smith And Misa Hylton Release New Collection
Simone I. Smith

The collection’s first drop featured two new pairs of earrings the “Misa’s” and the “Simone’s” are door knocker-style hoop earrings that were brought to popularity in the ‘90s à la hip hop and streetwear style. The earrings seamlessly merge the styles of both Smith’s and Hylton’s. Their expertise on fashion is also reflected in earrings that feature denim paneling and diamonds surrounding the gold panels. The earrings exude sophistication with a touch of ‘90s street style.

Jewelry Brand Simone I. Smith And Misa Hylton Release New Collection
Simone I. Smith

The earrings come in a triangular shape which is a nod to Hylton’s impeccable and standout style. Each pair of earrings represents the essence of the visionary women behind the collection’s launch. The second pair is available in a rectangular shape that pays homage to Smith’s dedication to timelessness, elegance, and sophistication.

The collection made by the two powerful women was made with meticulous attention to detail. Smith and Hylton aimed for a contemporary jewelry collection that blended nostalgia, the charm of denim, and the luxury of diamonds. These pieces stand as a testament to the creativity of both women’s artistry and brands. 

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