K18 AirWash Dry Shampoo Review

One very sweaty hour later, my once-dry top knot had devolved into a damp, matted-down mess of hair. Then, came the true test: I sectioned pieces of hair, and went to town with AirWash. I was definitely more heavy-handed this time, but even so, I evenly massage and distribute the product as I spritzed. After misting my entire crown, I flipped my hair upside-down to finger-comb everything in — and to my shock, my hair felt almost completely dry. And it looked pretty good, too — slightly tousled, a little messy, but not dirty-looking in the least. The fragrance was light and fresh, with a hint of floral sweetness. But best of all, it disappeared without a trace, even on my dark brunette hair. And because this is K18 we’re talking about, the brand patented a proprietary time-release ingredient that not only addresses odor and oil, but keeps doing its thing for up to three days. (I ended up shampooing a day later, but my hair did in fact feel fresh as a daisy until my next shower.) I also like that it’s non-aerosol, which is not only kinder to the environment, but easier to recycle when I’ve finished the bottle — just rinse and toss into my mixed bin. (Depending on where you live, aerosol cans and sprays can be recycled, but only if completely emptied beforehand.)

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