Law Roach On Hosting The New Series ‘OMG Fashun!’

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When Law Roach isn’t creating full press run looks on the premise of method dressing, he’s venturing into other territories within the fashion industry. Most recently, Law was selected alongside actress Julia Fox to host E!’s new design competition series OMG Fashun! The image architect was elated at this offer to host with Fox on a modern show, especially since it’s his third time hosting a series. He tells me he’s looking forward to building relationships with disruptors as he is always championing up-and-coming talent.

Each episode of OMG Fashun! challenges the traditional norms often associated with fashion design. In the series, the three contestants will be tasked with creating looks imagined by Fox using off-kilter materials and techniques. The time to create each look will be timed, creating excitement around racing against the clock to complete a cohesive, intentional design. Roach, Fox, and a rotating expert guest judge that includes Phaedra Parks, Tommy Dorfman, Pretty Vee, Wisdom Kaye, and more will dissect which design is the most eye-catching and cutting edge to win the competition. Each episode will consist of three disruptors in the competition and each winner will receive a $10,000 award and have their garment modeled by Fox.

Law Roach On Hosting E!’s Newest Fashion Series
E! Entertainment/ Quantrell Colbert

Since Law has a distinct eye for deciphering what is aesthetically excellent and impactful, young creative talent can learn much from watching and engaging with the show. His main advice comes in three and it’s hardly superficial: learn the business as much as possible, including the financial side, and be clear on what your point of view is, in addition to who you are as a designer. And lastly, he shares that budding creators should be patient. “I think when you do something out of love, and with a lot of passion, and you’re authentically being yourself, then the clients, the customers, and whoever you think to wear your clothes, they’ll find you and they’ll come,” Roach said.

This expansion into hosting and an array of other ventures for Roach are moments within a new era for him. He gets to expand on his repertoire beyond being boxed in as merely a stylist. In his own words styling is so 2020. Law is publicly utilizing the concept of method dressing with his muse Zendaya with her Challengers press run and he’s creating exuberant editorials like Challengers Magazine and surely more projects underway. 

Law Roach On Hosting E!’s Newest Fashion Series
E! Entertainment/ Quantrell Colbert

“I think in this current world, you have to be multi-hyphenated, multifaceted, and you have to be able to start diversifying,” he said.” I’ve always thought that I can do more than just be a stylist.” He adds that he’s constantly trying to figure out other skillsets of his or creative activities that he enjoys. “Hopefully, people will love ‘OMG Fashun and it will go on season after season.”

Law Roach On Hosting E!’s Newest Fashion Series
E! Entertainment/ Quantrell Colbert

Roach would love for the competition show to become a franchise and dynasty in the fashion world for designers to desire to be included in. And while the show solely focuses on designers, he also had sound advice for those who want to follow in his footsteps. He says it may sound corny, but you must believe in yourself. “Don’t let a couple of no’s stop you from chasing your dream,” he says. From his story of starting from scratch to being one of the most respected and sought-after stylists in the fashion industry, we’d say he’s right. 

Watch OMG Fashun! on E! on Mondays at 9 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. weekly.

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