Let’s Toast: This Is The Melanated Glassware You Didn’t Know You Needed In Your Cabinet

The Giselle Collection

Representation is important, even when it comes to the way you drink.

Entrepreneur Giselle Crawford knows this because she’s the woman behind glassware brand The Giselle Collection. It has spawned the creation of the Melanated Nude Collection, glassware that replicates the wide variety of skin tones within our community. Because who needs a clear wine glass when you can sip a pinot noir in a glass that matches your own shade of brown?

“The inspiration behind The Giselle Collection’s signature Melanated Nude Collection stemmed from a profound appreciation for diverse skin tones and a commitment to inclusivity,” Crawford tells ESSENCE. “Recognizing the beauty and richness of melanated skin tones, I sought to create a product that not only celebrates individuality but also fosters a sense of belonging because this wasn’t an option in the market yet.”

Let’s Toast: This Is The Melanated Glassware You Didn’t Know You Needed In Your Cabinet
The Giselle Collection

“By offering wine glasses that harmonize with a spectrum of melanin skin, I aim to elevate the drinking experience while also adding elegant and sophisticated glassware to your home,” she adds.

They do it with everything from tights to pumps, so why not glassware?

But as Crawford shares, the purpose of her brand is not to just give you richly crafted artwork in the form of a glass. The aim is also to shake up a space that doesn’t offer much diversity and to make those who benefit from this inclusivity feel as special as they truly are.

“I felt it was important to provide representation in my products because representation matters deeply, especially in an industry where diversity is often overlooked,” she says. “I aim to promote inclusivity and empower individuals to see themselves reflected in everyday items.”

Crawford’s efforts are paying off. The response to her Melanated Nude Collection has been “overwhelmingly positive.” Offerings include wine glasses in a pair or a set, champagne glasses, a wine glass and decanter set, or a solo decanter, all in the dreamy shades of brown she’s crafted. They include a Chocolate, a Silk Brandy Brown, a Caramel Blush, and Golden Honey.

Let’s Toast: This Is The Melanated Glassware You Didn’t Know You Needed In Your Cabinet
The Giselle Collection

“Customers have expressed appreciation for the thoughtful design, high quality, and attention to detail evident in each piece of my Melanated Nude Collection,” she shares. “Many have commented on the uniqueness of our signature melanated nude glasses, particularly applauding the rich color pallet that we offer.”

There is something for everyone though, as The Giselle Collection also has a Pink Collection in everything from beaded martini to goblet glasses, as well as the traditional clear glassware, and the always popular iridescent style. Her plans for expansion include delving into small appliances, including coffee makers, toasters and more. But for now, she’s excited about the reception to the Melanated Nude Collection and proud of the experience it offers Black wine and spirit lovers.

“My commitment to representation extends beyond mere aesthetics,” Crawford makes clear. “It’s about fostering a sense of belonging and recognizing the richness and beauty of melanated skin in every aspect of life, including something as simple yet significant as wine glasses.”

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