Linda Evangelista Zeit Magazin February 2024

Linda Evangelista continues to ride quite the comeback wave – and we here at theFashionSpot are 100% behind it. The modeling icon made surprise appearances on the covers of The Sunday Times Style and The Travel Almanac toward the end of 2023 and has commenced 2024 by fronting V Magazine and Perfect. Evangelista’s latest addition to her comeback portfolio is a duo of covers for Zeit Magazin. On the German newspaper’s latest supplement (dated February 1, 2024), Linda poses for photographer Cass Bird across a duo of crisp black and white covers (with Jenna Lyons make an appearance on cover two). In cover one (below), Linda makes a bold and brave statement choosing to bare her mastectomy scars.


Read below the reactions of theFashionSpot’s forum members:

“Wow, wow, wow!” exclaimed Bibuba upcoming checking out the covers.

“One of the better things Linda has produced in a long while. Certainly my favorite since her 2022 comeback. Love that she’s gone from hiding behind the drapes to showing herself more fully – in this case her mastectomy scars clearly visible,” commended forum member KoV.

Lola701 wrote: “Linda just needed to warm up for the camera and feel the love the industry had for her! 2024 is starting fabulously for her!”

“Truly a powerful moment with her visible scars, I’m very proud of her. It’s wonderful to see how much her confidence grew since the initial comeback and it’s such a pleasure seeing her at work,” aracic applauded.

“Can only echo everyone else’s sentiments over just how wonderful it is to see Linda Evangelista photographed this way, being so raw and vulnerable yet so powerful and brave. A massive fan of this…” enthused vogue28.

Zeit Magazin February 1, 2024 : Linda Evangelista by Cass Bird

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