‘Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta’ Star Hospitalized After Getting Extensive Leg Sleeve Tattoo

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Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta star Sierra Gates got some new ink, sitting for a robust tattoo that runs from her stomach to her calf. The serial entrepreneur took to Instagram to tell fans that after the numbing cream she used to get the tattoo wore off, she ended up in the hospital. The product, which she is selling called Monster Numb, ended up working too well, it seems. She went from not being able to feel anything to feeling an overwhelming amount of pain.

“I got my whole leg done but my brain told my body it was too much trauma after the numbing wore off,” she wrote.

In a separate post, Gates shared that she was admitted to the hospital until further notice. “I love you guys so much and I just want to say, again, if you are going to do ‘Monster Numb’ tattoos, do not get it crazy big like I did. Because when it numbs off, you’re gonna be in crazy pain and when you’re getting it done, you’re gonna be so numb, you don’t feel nothing. Nothing. But if you are a person that can take pain, I would say to still get it… but just be mindful that when the numbing cream wears off you’re gonna start feeling it — yeah.”

Gates asked her fans to send prayers and also informed them she hadn’t been able to walk and could be hospitalized for five to seven days.

“I couldn’t walk on my leg for the last 3 days, I went to the hospital, I thought it was sweet,” she wrote. “Last night when I got to the hospital they gave me them pain meds but when them test results came back and meds wore off & I couldn’t walk at all…”

Nevertheless, she is hopeful. “I’m a real soldier and I’ll be back better than ever,” she wrote, adding she would only get “smaller tattoos from now on out! Or maybe none.”

In Gates’ Instagram stories, she also shared a video of her trying to be mobile using a walker and the help of a medical professional. The reality TV star has learned from the ordeal and said that she won’t be getting large tattoos again.

It is unclear what medical condition caused the hospitalization, but we’re glad she’s on the road to recovery. The Internet wasn’t as compassionate, though, which is to be expected, with many joking that she is holding up the prayer line for choices she didn’t think through and remarking on the fact that her ordeal isn’t the best way to market her numbing cream. But in Gates’ latest update, she made clear that her situation isn’t a laughing matter.

“Hey y’all day 3 and still can’t walk on my leg,” she wrote in an Instagram Story. “I don’t feel good at all.”

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