Malika Louback Vogue Adria April 2024

Vogue Adria became the 28th edition of Vogue, when the magazine launched last month. The title’s inaugural covers starring Nataša Vojnović were ultimately met with mixed reactions from members of theFashionSpot forums. Now, the title’s second offering is here for us to deliberate over. Milan Djacic welcomes Malika Louback as cover girl this month for April 2024, who was the first Djiboutian model to feature on the cover of French Vogue back in 2020. Four years later, Louback is adding her 6th Vogue cover to her portfolio, as she poses for photographer Vitali Gelwich on Vogue Adria’s April 2024 issue. The French beauty who walked the shows of Isabel Marant and Courrèges (to name just a select few) during Paris Fashion Week wears a sequined Balenciaga number in the profile cover shot, selected for the occasion by stylist Lisa Jarvis.


Read below the reactions of theFashionSpot’s forum members:

“Yes, NEXT!” declared DK92.

“Major downgrade from their previous covers. Plus, Malika is way too fabulous for something this boring,” chimed in an equally as underwhelmed fenty.

In complete agreement was oaklee91: “Coming after last month which I liked so much, this is… lazy!”

“Still waiting to be impressed by Vogue Adria, I’m afraid,” voiced voge28. “Always adored Malika Louback, so very much fond of the fact she’s on the cover. However, the end result leaves a whole lot to be desired. I hate the use of the profile image as the cover. The cover feels like an afterthought.”

“When you think about what they could’ve done with someone like Malika (and last month with Nataša), it’s a shame,” Srdjan sighed.

Are you impressed with Vogue Adria’s latest? Share your own thoughts, here.

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