Man Who Killed Black Boston Nurse Has Escaped Police Custody In Kenya

A man who was captured in Kenya after being suspected of killing a beloved nurse in Boston has since escaped, authorities say.

As ESSENCE reported previously, Kangethe, 42, fled to Kenya in November shortly after allegedly killing Margaret Mbitu, 31, with whom he was in a relationship, according to a news release from police.

As CNN reports, Kangethe, 42, “was being held without bail after officials in the United States filed an extradition request for him to be returned to the US to face a murder charge.”

The outlet continues:

On Wednesday evening local time, a man claiming to be Kangethe’s attorney appeared at the law enforcement complex where he was being held and asked to speak to him, Kenyan authorities said in a statement. They were given a private room in which to talk, and Kangethe took off shortly afterward, police said.

Police said Kangethe slipped out of the police station and boarded a matutu, or public transportation bus, according to Nation, an African news outlet.

On Nov. 1, 2023, Margeret “Maggie” Mbitu’s body was discovered in the Central Parking garage of Boston Logan International Airport after family reported her missing.

She was found “dead in the front passenger seat of the vehicle with a puncture wound to her side and slash and stab wounds to her face and neck.”

Kangethe was seen on surveillance footage driving into the airport garage, parking a vehicle, and checking in for his flight to Kenya.

Mbitu’s cousin, George Kamau told NBC10 Boston that her family is grieving and in shock, saying “We have lost a beautiful girl that we all loved — quite a treasure to us,” continuing, “Quite a happy person, in and outside.”

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