Marc Jacobs Spring 2024 Collection Review

New York Fashion Week may not officially commence until February 9, but Marc Jacobs kick-started the stateside fashion festivities a week early to unveil his Spring 2024 collection, as the renowned American designer continues to celebrate the 40th anniversary of his namesake label.

Jacobs presented a collection larger-than-life (and even bigger hair!), as he welcomed the fashion crowd inside New York’s historic Park Avenue Armory. Instead of paying homage to past collections, Jacobs reverted back to his childhood and his love of dolls. Exaggerated silhouettes, and shoes and bags were blown up to epic and extreme proportions. Models paraded Jacobs’ doll-like and wondrous designs walking amongst Robert Therrien’s famous folding table and chair sculptures. Needless to say, such a collection cemented the fact Marc Jacobs is still as imaginative as ever.

Read below the reactions of theFashionSpot’s forum members:

“Being so sick of Barbicore, this dark, twisted, edgy Barbie collection is EVERYTHING o me!!! Love it!” [Zorka]

“This is the Marc Jacobs I love!” [GivenchyAddict]

“This collection has a very strong Comme des Garçons undertone to it, which I really like. I hope that some of the pieces shown will actually make it to production, because the current store offering is trash.” [LadyJunon]

“Yes I agree with the CDG comments, plus add some John Waters in it. But it’s very Marc, I like it.” [Rigida]

“I’ve always said that Marc Jacobs is the best DJ of fashion. He has his magical way of referencing his contemporaries’s work, to digest it and to create something that feels very him. I saw a fabulous peacoat that I would love to own! The knitwear was particularly successful too. This is probably his most successful collection since he started to show off-calendar.” [Lola701]

“He delivers something to dream about every now and then. This is one of those times, a bit closer to what he did at Louis Vuitton.” [tourbillions]

“With all the references, it has a certain campness to it. So overall it still feels very Marc Jacobs. I’m biased so I’m gonna say that I love it!” [notfatgoddess]

See all the looks from the Marc Jacobs Spring 2024 collection and join the conversation, here.

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