Medicine For Bronchitis Caused Naturi Naughton’s Husband To Be Diagnosed With Type 2 Diabetes

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Naturi Naughton’s husband, Xavier ‘Two’ Lewis, has been hospitalized and he shared a detailed update on his health via Instagram. The talent manager started by explaining the genesis of his illness in a caption under an image of him in a hospital bed.

“I’m Just glad to be here,” Lewis started. “These past three months have been very challenging. I came down with bronchitis on December 13. My cough never went away, Which led me to go to the doctor for something more substantial to knock it out. I never thought medicine could be life-changing. I started taking the medicine in January. On January 9, I started experiencing back & chest pains. By January 10th, I thought I was having a heart attack,” he recalled in his caption.

“I was in so much pain I felt I was dying, and that would be my last day,” he added. “I went to the hospital and doctors about six times in January. They gave me blood pressure pills and things for cholesterol. They ran test after test. Everything came up great. But I felt worse & worse. I felt weak, slow, unbalanced when I walked, tired, I couldn’t hold down any food, and my acid reflux was like fire in my body at all times. I tried IVs and all kinds of vitamins. I couldn’t get my body to act right.”

Lewis said he got to the bottom of his health challenges when his mom came into town to check on him and checked his blood sugar, which ended up being through the roof. The next step was for the talent manager to go to the hospital and by then, his blood sugar spiked even higher.

“They ran test after test, and the next day, the doctor came in and said I was now Diagnosed as type two Diabetic,” Lewis revealed. “What a mind-blowing moment. I stayed calm, but my internal thoughts were all over. I’ve seen people I love die & get amputated because of this. My A1C level was so high the hospital couldn’t even chart it. I thought that was unbelievable because my a1c was just 4.7 in November, so how is this even possible? I wasn’t even pre-diabetic.”

In the end, they found out what was behind the health crisis.

“They explained to me that the steroids & medicine I was taking filled my body with glucose, and my body couldn’t make enough insulin to get it out. So this is my new life,” he shared. “They woke me up every Two hours like clockwork to draw blood & test me. I even had to watch the Superbowl in the hospital.”

Lewis is thankful though to be feeling more like himself now, and most thankful for Naughton.

“After what has seemed like the entire last three months, I’m not sick! I’m out of the hospital and feeling stronger. They always say to watch who you marry, and that’s so true. My wife has been heaven-sent,” he wrote, sharing videos of her combing his hair and lying next to him. “@naturi4real you are the real MVP! Love You. I promise I’ll be here.”

Lewis and and the actress and singer have been married since 2022 when they tied the knot in Atlanta. However, they met in 2019 through actor Omari Hardwick, Naughton’s former co-star on Power. The couple also gave birth to their first child, Tru Xavier, last year.

Naughton, 39, shared more support and love in her hubby’s comment section by penning a sweet note.

“You know I got you Papa ❤💪🏾 To Infinity and Beyond… ♾️4/2/22 I will always be here for you and do whatever it takes! I’m grateful for your Mom @rosalewis0809 for being led to check your sugar! Praise God!” she wrote. “And for all the family & friends who came & called & surrounded us with so much love & support during this time! ITS ONLY UP now babyyyyy!🔥🔥💪🏾💪🏾 #myforeverlove.”

Type 2 diabetes is a chronic health condition and it impacts how your body transforms food into energy. Around 38 million Americans are diabetic and 90-95% of them have Type 2 diabetes according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Black people are also more likely to be diagnosed with and, unfortunately, die from diabetes.

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