Meet The Black Women Wellness Practitioners Teaching Us To “Rush Slowly”

Four Season Resort Nevis/ Danielle Butman, Aleks

Charlestown, Nevis—What does it mean to rush slowly? It’s not a phrase I had given much thought to before I found myself hurrying along a path of yellow cottages lined by lush palm trees at The Four Seasons Resort to make my appointment for a signature Nevisian massage.

That’s where I met Marvella Wallace, a massage therapist who reminded me that I was there to relax and recharge as she shared details about the essential oils, lemongrass-infused water, and coconut milk that would be used for a cleansing foot scrub followed by an exfoliating massage. 

As I worried about being a few minutes late and whether I was moving too slowly to get the spa treatment started, Ms. Wallace said to me, “When I sit here to do your service, I’m not in a hurry. You get to relax. It’s a massage with a difference. Here in Nevis, we’re not in a hurry. We take time. So, rush slowly.”

Meet The Black Women Wellness Practitioners Teaching Us To “Rush Slowly”
Four Season Nevis Resort

She shared that it wasn’t just about finding a balance between urgency and diligence that may start with a spa treatment but extends beyond that for a holistic approach to wellness in one’s everyday life. The conversation with Ms. Wallace was like talking to my favorite aunt, who always knows exactly what to say and drops nuggets of wisdom without even trying.

The concept of “rushing slowly,” which I quickly learned is a local motto in Nevis, encouraged me to experience this island differently. It was a reminder that wellness is much bigger than trending treatments or unconventional experiences that sometimes seem inaccessible. 

This lush 36 square-mile island in the Eastern Caribbean draws people from all over the world (celebrities included) to relax, recharge, connect with nature, and center self-care. Nevis and the neighboring island of St. Kitts are a dual island nation known as The Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis. 

From yoga sessions and sound healing to the Nevis Hot Springs, farm-to-table cuisine, and The Nevis Botanical Gardens, I enjoyed the relaxed vibe, lush surroundings, and majestic views on this island. I also embraced messages from several  people I met along the way, like Marvella Wallace and others who encouraged me to “rush slowly.”

Nestled at the foothills of Nevis Peak sits an oasis of healing and rejuvenation that centers “nature cures” and various healing methods with Caribbean flair. From meditation and hydrotherapy to chakra balancing, bush baths and much more in serene tropical surroundings, The Eden Life Rejuvenation Centre offers a range of holistic therapies and practices.

These practices are designed to promote physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, drawing on traditional Caribbean healing techniques and incorporating elements of nature-based therapies. 

“A lot of people come here because they’re emotionally disconnected, or they’re feeling stuck or blocked by something,” says Eden Life Founder Dr. Miranda Fellows.

“Nevis makes people see themselves. There’s a mirror effect in Nevis, and this is just one of those things that happens…So take that plus add into it what happens here because Eden Life is on special ground and I believe it’s just a very healing space,” she adds. 

With its tranquil setting and diverse range of healing offerings, the Eden Life Rejuvenation Centre is like a sanctuary for people seeking to reconnect with themselves and experience the healing power of nature in a Caribbean-inspired environment.

“Just being here on this land opens the door for these avenues of healing in different ways. Whether it’s at the sea, in the mountains, or in the hot springs, Nevis lends itself to holistic wellness,” Dr. Fellows shares with ESSENCE. 

Similarly, Sidra Samuel believes the peaceful setting on the island and its connection to nature provide meaningful opportunities for reflection and self-care.

“A lot of the time, people will come to the island, and you always hear, you know, it’s so quiet and calm. Everything feels so still here, and the offerings, whether it’s through Yoga through Reiki or sound therapy, I think that’s a way of holding space for people and to allow them to come back to themselves,” says Samuel, who is the Wellness Manager at the Four Seasons Resort in Nevis. 

Samuel guided me through my first sound healing experience, where I was immersed in the healing power of sound and meditation. My experience made me feel centered, more focused, and less stressed at the end of it. 

As a wellness practitioner, Samuel says accessibility is important to her, so she also works to integrate wellness offerings into the local community in addition to the private sessions at the resort. 

“I like to bring wellness, not just physically, or not just in the class, but in every experience,” says Samuel. “I’m simply here to hold space for you to remind you of the things of basically coming home to yourself, home to your body, coming home to your breath, and coming home to you. Sometimes we need that gentle reminder,” she says. 

These women gently reminded me to take my time, center myself, and truly enjoy the beauty of my surroundings one day at a time by simply slowing down. 

“That’s the Nevis effect,” says Dr. Fellows. “It’s a tangible sense of exhilaration.”

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