Mendeecees Harris Says Commitment, Not Love, Keeps Him In Marriage To Yandy

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Love and Hip Hop stars Yandy Smith-Harris and her husband Mendeecees Harris seem to be experiencing some turbulence in their marriage that they’re being open about on the show. The couple, who have been through their fair share of challenges, are “in a dark place,” according to Mendeecees.

During a recent episode of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta, the couple shared a vulnerable moment over a video call. The clip starts with Yandy telling him about a conversation she had with her co-star Rasheeda Frost, which she felt mirrored her relationship.

“Rasheeda was talking to me [about] how it got to a point in her relationship with Kirk where she was trying to just do everything and be all that she needed to be for everyone else, but not for her relationship,” Yandy explained. “And she said they went through a very dark place, and I just don’t want that for us.”

At that point, Mendeecees admitted they already reached that place.

“Man, listen. I don’t know what to say, man. I feel that we all in a dark place,” he said. “It’s been going on for a while now. If this is gonna be, then, you know, you gotta take this serious.”

Some of the recent issues fans have watched play out between them on screen include the entrepreneur wanting to run for city council and agreeing to donate one of her eggs to her cousin, who she considers a sister because she struggles with infertility. The couple have been butting heads because Mendeecees feels Yandy makes decisions without his input.

In response to this revelation from her husband, Yandy said she didn’t think things had reached such a low point. She emphasized that letting go of the marriage wasn’t an option for her and she couldn’t imagine life without Mendeecees. The couple started dating in 2008 and tied the knot during a wedding special in 2015.

Through the years they’ve overcome difficult challenges like Mendeecees going to prison for four years on drug trafficking charges. They’ve also dealt with issues with his mother, and most notably, the two other women he shares children with. The couple have a blended family and share five children–two of which they had together. The other two children are from Mendeecees’ previous relationships and the fifth was adopted by Yandy.

During the recent Love and Hip Hop episode, a show producer asked Mendeecees if the commitment is keeping him in his marriage more than love.

“Absolutely. 1000%,” he admitted. “It’s supposed to be forever, but it don’t have to be forever.”

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