Miley Cyrus Hair At The Grammys Inspired By Barbarella

Luckily, today we have new hair tools, and can use older references, like Barberella, and soften, or modernize them. For example, velcro rollers are back (although some people never stopped using them) and if you have fine hair and want more volume, you can use a root-lift spray like Roz Root Lift Spray. We probably won’t see backcombing and mousse making a comeback. But for an event like the Grammys, it’s a time to play around. “Big hair was kind of a no-no for me,” adds Recine who says that this look with Cyrus was mostly just fun, not to spark a trend. “It was a great way to show how styles like this can be new again, if you take a different approach.” We’ll just have to wait and see Sydney Sweeney’s interpretation.

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